Flower contest company develops fierce heavy group and Italy

Published on 2018-05-25

Recently, fierce heavy group and shellfish of Italian flower contest pull Er the base of a fruit limited company (the following abbreviation ” flower contest company ” ) signed agreement of strategic collaboration framework, on this foundation both sides will produce the advantage such as respective technology brand, production actual strength and sale network, in be being developed jointly product of machine tool of high-grade numerical control, develop China and international market further. It is reported, although market of Chinese machine tool is at present common stagnant, but what import from abroad is medium the amount of high-grade machine tool is certain however in have litre. The integral performance that imports equipment even if win universal praise, but its high price also makes a few potential clients hesitant flinch even repeatedly however. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, a few international are famous the manufacturer seeks potential partner actively in Chinese market, with producing its technology advantage adequately, reduce manufacturing cost further at the same time, develop potential market energetically. Then fierce weighs the field of vision that enters them with abundant actual strength and more powerful industry force. As we have learned, flower contest company regards machine tool of famous high-grade numerical control as manufacturer, be subordinate to belongs to pneumatic component manufacturer and group of Kang Maosheng of group of the industry that cross a state, its dominant product includes flexible line, high speed is flexible module, lathe, milling machine of vertical turning boring, planer-type milling machine, horizontal boring milling machine, machining center and grinder. Fierce heavy group is produced as China heavy-duty, exceed norms of heavy-duty machine tool the large backbone company with the biggest, the most entire breed, have powerful production actual strength and actual strength of scientific research technology, its product is famous spend win universal praise. Bilateral collaboration aims the advantage natural resources with farther existing conformity, produce respective advantage, world of consistent sufficient China, scan widely, high-grade numerical control is heavy-duty in be being developed actively machine tool market. Strive to be in 2013, production gives a product to prototype is revealed to the user and form a sale, year after year enlarges scale of production after, implementation makes work from the unripe produce and sale of a product, mix to a series of large products stage by stage in high-grade product is outspread. In the meantime, flower contest company still offers the bring up again that it is fierce technical support and employee to groom. When the condition is mature, both sides general in order to establish the form of joint-stock company, the market position of heavy group of the technical advantage that produces flower contest company further and fierce and equipment advantage effect of this one lever, develop the innovation plan that is aimed at target market jointly.