What demand does the main operation of high speed machining center have?

Published on 2018-04-11

The character of service that high speed machining center improves ceaselessly is mould manufacturing industry be able to efficient the fundamental premise that machines a mould with high accuracy.    In drive technology drive below, emerge in large numbers gives the high speed machining center of the numerous and different type with structural innovation, good performance.    The following should notice when the operation: 1, not be all round high speed machining center set roadblock, assure working space to answer enough big; Do not splash water or oil the ground to go up ‘ make sure working area is clean and dry; The admonitory sign ‘ that does not want shift or attaint installation to go up in the machine tool makes sure safe caution mark is bright and marked.    2, do not feel switch with damp hand, also can cause electrical shock otherwise; In press must ensure its are correct before switch blind, lest receive a fault to create risk; Be familiar with the position of emergency stop button, the ‘ when assuring to be used in any need need not be searched can press it.    3, the person that groom without safe operation cannot operate high speed machining center, and when allowing two people to if some job needs two people or much person to be finished jointly,operate mouth of machining center of high speed of engine of essence of Taiwan Tai Yu at the same time commonly, ought to provide a harmonious signal on each measure of the operation ‘ the signal that unless already gave out,provides, do not undertake otherwise next suddenly operation.    4, do not change systematic parameter value or other electric setting. If high speed machining center must be changed when, before should be being changed, record of will original value comes down, so that be in,restore when necessary primitive adjust a value to go up.