Center of new technology of Shanghai of machine of essence of heart horse Ji Sen is royal practice

Published on 2018-04-11

In November 2017 7~10 day, machine of essence of heart horse Ji Sen (the grand activity that DMG MORI) was the practice of new technology center to hold by a definite date 4 days in Shanghai. New technology center is located in Min travel area, cover an area of a face to accumulate 1735 ㎡, be up to now the biggest inside limits of DMG MORI Asia reveal office, displayed in the exhibition hall come from product of innovation of DMG MORI whole set — 22 machine tools revealed DMG MORI to be in in the round digitlization, aerospace, mould, add material to make the outstanding technology that reachs car domain, and this locality turns the positive result of plentiful and substantial that the domain such as production mixes. New start, new form, of new technology center establish adumbrative DMG MORI going up to come true to span again to the road of service supplier transition from product supplier. President of DMG MORI limited company Dr. Sen Yayan and chairman of DMG MORI joint-stock company Mr Kelisidian Teneisi attended an opening ceremony, held round table with media, the development centre of gravity that did not come for some time to DMG MORI and this locality that are in China changed layout to undertake be unscramblinged deep. “DMG MORI serves as two big heart in sea of Chinese general above and Tianjin, shanghai will be regarded as a technology center and groom institute, the production that Tianjin is us makes a center. Today, center of Shanghai new technology is royal practice, if you walked into this technology center, meeting profundity is experienced, here reveal a space very big, revealed DMG MORI to have representative innovation product not only, still showed the actual strength that we are breeding the key to solve a respect, arrive from automation, test application, pay key service, have everything that one expects to find. At the same time we also devote oneself to to make Shanghai technology center into to groom institute, offer all-around skill to groom for user of Chinese this locality, solve real problem for them. ” Dr. Sen Yayan leaves piece say. As Chinese machine tool treatment market transition upgrades the ceaseless development of strength, most China enterprise has realized they must enter a higher treatment level, ability gets used to the market to score a success. Accordingly, they need high accuracy, high quality machine tool, and more complete solution, “This also is the concept that we did not devote oneself to to be communicated to user of Chinese this locality. " Mr Teneisi elaborated • of the Si Dian in the gram a few when nearly two annual meeting pay close attention to DMG MORI main way, namely automation, digitlization, add material to make, outstanding technology, this locality turns production, his explanation says, “Automation is China of implementation of help China user those who produce 2025 strategies program is important one annulus, DMG MORI is increasing the capacity of research and development of solution of this locality automation in Chinese market at present, tianjin plant is already OK and own design of research and development lies add automation product line, service at this locality user, obtained very good feedback. ” the machined unit to attract numerous visitor by the automation of research and development of mill of DMG MORI Tianjin attention in the exhibition hall. Digitlization respect, the CELOS of DMG MORI can arrive from originality the angle of complete craft catenary of finished product, will help an user build platform of foundation of digital chemical plant, before having more, roll out on EMO Hannover 2017 before long be based on ADAMOS(to suit oneself make open type solution) strategy of global digitlization factory is allied, these make the user that help strength digitlization zoology system of the whole world. “DMG MORI goes in the foremost follow that the industry grows from beginning to end, arm with innovation technology ceaselessly oneself. " Mr Teneisi catchs • of the Si Dian in the gram say, what he indicates here also is DMG MORI in the revolutionary progress that adds material to create a field, in new technology center, DMG MORI is special installed add material to make show a region, put a LASERTEC 65 3D to add material to make equipment and equipment of laser beam machining of a LASERTEC 20 Linear, aim to emphasize what DMG MORI makes to adding capable person taking seriously. The outstanding skill that DMG MORI shows around domain of aerospace, car, mould and solution also are regarded as the main component of new technology center. “The demand of Chinese user is producing very tremendous change, what they need previously is machine tool itself, what they need now is technical partner, this needs us to having more deep understanding to the applied domain of the machine tool. ” Dr. Sen Yayan expresses, “DMG MORI is very big henceforth the user of technical capability help that how the key that works partly passes oneself namely scores a success, the target industry that we aim at basically has 4 big board piece, namely aerospace, car, mould, medical treatment. ” to shorten the delivery of the solution is periodic, improve quality, DMG MORI is special invited the partner that comes from component of fluid of software, cutting tool, cutting, function to undertake revealing in the exhibition hall, the purpose offers one-stop solution to this locality user namely. Now nowadays, DMG MORI has many 4100 user in China, the machine tool retains the quantity exceeds 10 thousand, and these numbers still are in constant growth. How to provide better technical service for these users, it is the austere task that DMG MORI faces. DMG MORI exceeds 300 people in Chinese employee, this one word still can increase future, “Believe firmly undoubted is, responsible service, technology grooms, employee scale of education will continue to promote. ” Dr. Sen Yayan conveyed DMG MORI to last finally the determination that thorough China market grows.