Ha Sixi installs HFO inn to open

Published on 2019-07-02

On December 20, 2009, the brand shop of machine tool of Xi’an Ha Si that by Xi’an investment of limited company of machinery of bright root numerical control establishs (Ha Sixi of ” of the following abbreviation installs HFO” ) kick off grandly, this is the 18th HFO that Ha Si company establishs in China.

Standing vice-president holds association of industry of Hao Ming of president of head office of Chinese machine tool, China internal-combustion engine concurrently Ms. Qin Ke, Shaanxi saves deputy secretary-general of association of industry of mould of secretary-general Xing Min, China Bai Xiaoguang of director of mechanical industry guild, .

According to Xi’an Tong Zhi of general manager of limited company of machinery of bright root numerical control introduces, ha Sixi installs HFO to include 3 big functions: Reveal function of the maintenance after function of function, spare parts storage and carry out. Inn of 4S of Xi’an Ha Si also is at the same time breath out Si Yazhou besides Shanghai besides division headquarters, center of country’s biggest spare parts storage, from go up at all contented client is right the demand of spare parts. In the meantime, can offer a technology to groom for the client support with craft, assure client interest.

The opening body of Xi’an HFO inn reveals Ha Si to be quickened ceaselessly to the layout of Chinese market. Be located in Xi’an to export this HFO inn inside treatment area, its product and service can be a center with Xi’an, then radiation reachs whole northwest area, ensure this area client can more use Ha Si machine tool conveniently, promote a client effectively square productivity and efficiency.