Small giant machine tool rolls out lathe of complete function

Published on 2019-07-02

    Campstool of Japanese hill Qi is overcome (the machine tool of small giant of solely invested factory of Mazak) limited company is brand-new the QTN 100-II of lathe of complete function numerical control that rolls out high accuracy of a high speed, this product will be in small giant company to produce at rising this year in September.  
    The pushs be sent on a diplomatic mission to get product of lathe of numerical control of small giant company norms of QTN 100-II was enclothed arrive from 6 inches the norms of 15 inches of chuck.  
    Small giant says, no matter this lathe is to be in speed, precision, still be in respect of use efficiency of human nature of appropriate of product function, operation and space has much better expression, can be competent the treatment of the big batch such as car component and high accuracy spare parts, still can pass the treatment that has taking the place of with the car grinding to touching igneous spare parts, because this is comfortable also,wait for a spare parts at machining car gear-box gear.  
    Use the QTN 100-II of technology of advanced report main shaft, 6000r/min of main shaft turn up, can suit to arrive from cutting of low speed burden the cutting of high speed high power; The AC servo electric machinery of the servo control that it used flowing tall gain and tall efficiency in order to come true fast and add decelerate without what shake, the fast and floating rate of its X axis and Z axis amounts to 30m/min and 33m/min respectively.  
    This machine tool configures the 12 knives tower of high speed high accuracy, exchange of high-speed cutting tool improved manufacturing efficiency considerably, graduation of weak condition of its knife tower needs 0.18 seconds only. And, by the intelligent rear push frame of drive of servo electric machinery, not only can undertake automata well and truly to the position, still can undertake self-correcting to the thrust of tailstock.  
    QTN 100-II distributes measurement unit of stock cutting tool, the treatment that can implement whole set part through using good stuff food chute, automatic workpiece is collected implement wait for automation function option. In addition, the machine tool still deployed system of MAZAK company’s newest MAZATROL MATRIX numerical control, use the process designing means of man-machine interaction type, have security of interference examination, intelligence protection, shake restrain harmonic sound to remind wait for a function.