Specialization production should be direction of development

Published on 2019-07-02

Part of function of machine tool of our country numerical control has developing through two ways at first. It is to specialization accessory production manufacturer produces progress to numerical control accessory, typical product know exactly about sth accuses guide screw of chuck of revolving stage, motivation, ball to wait; 2 it is component of sex of function of form a complete set of research and development of ego of manufacturer of lead plane production, typical product know exactly about sth accuses tool carrier, factory of domestic most lathe experienced this process. The author thinks, specialization the direction that production should be development of accessory of our country numerical control.


Look from technical development, technology of numerical control machine tool develops to high speed, compound, intelligence and environmental protection direction, raised similar requirement to dividing head of revolving stage of numerical control tool carrier, numerical control, numerical control. The aspect is changed in the high speed of numerical control accessory, company of group of accessory of Yantai round-the-world machine tool developed tool carrier of drive of electric machinery of AK36 series servo, main characteristic is to introduce drive of servo electric machinery, hydraulic pressure or baric and loose clamp, dislocation time is adjustable, change time of a knife the most quickly to be 0.15s, reach level of foreign congener product; Rotate speed of revolving stage of numerical control of TK13250M high speed achieves 30r/min; Compound convert tool carrier of AK33 series motivation, use modular design, dynamical cutting tool by drive of servo electric machinery, rotate speed of milling power cutting tool is top can achieve 3000r/min; TK14 series numerical control but bend revolving stage, achieve two axes linkage by drive of two servo electric machinery, form a complete set at machining center of 5 axes linkage. The place on put together is narrated, high speed is changed, compound changed product of numerical control accessory to represent domestic top level, fill home is blank, the development that is lead plane provided safeguard.


Narrow as soon as possible the difference of high-grade accessory


As the development of component of numerical control function, lead plane is older and older to the dependence of functional component. Cong Mou is planted tell on degree, the development level of functional component represented the development level of lead plane, its dependability, advanced sex is highlighted particularly. Development of domestic function component is at present lopsided, integral level and abroad have certain difference.


The product level of component of function of numerical control machine tool is compared with the photograph 10 years ago, had very big rise. Through development of nearly 20 years, the breed of product of tool carrier of numerical control dividing head, numerical control is ceaseless and perfect, main function and dependability have bigger rise. Dividing head of revolving stage of numerical control tool carrier, numerical control, numerical control already can be satisfied in the demand of form a complete set of machine tool of cheap numerical control. But the product of numerical control accessory that is form a complete set of machine tool of high-grade numerical control, with abroad product comparing still has certain difference.


The functional component of numerical control machine tool restricts the development of mainframe technology level and function, main show is in the following respects:


Speed. Change development as the high speed of numerical control machine tool, also raised corresponding requirement to product of accessory of numerical control machine tool. With respect to numerical control tool carrier character, smoke adds the tool carrier of servo of AK36 series high speed of the company, its level already was close to foreign congener product; Numerical control revolving stage kind the high speed revolving stage that although smoke adds a company to already was developed,gives 30r/min, but have difference than returning with foreign company look, main difference depends on worm wheel deputy material choose a side.


Dependability. In last few years, breakdown of numerical control tool carrier basically is centered in electric form a complete set on, occupy the 80% above of tool carrier fault rate about. The problem is home does not have electric machinery of this kind of servo and driving unit, can rely on an entrance only, consequently the cost of tool carrier and price are close to foreign congener product, form industrialization very hard.


Precision. The precision that smoke adds product of company numerical control and steady performance should say or had compared, basically can satisfy requirement of lead plane form a complete set. Smoke adds the product that waits for industrial developed country with Japan, Germany to still have certain difference, but not quite, comparative with the product of Taiwan area.


Date of delivery. In process of development of accessory of machine tool of whole numerical control, the date of delivery of the product is a problem that highlights particularly, already restricted lead plane to answer the ability of the market quickly. Had industrialization, dimensions to turn the company of productivity only, just can suit to intense market competes and show an advantage. Smoke adds a company to raise fund 80 million yuan, built workshop of new numerical control product, purchase crucial equipment, assured date of delivery from hardware establishment.


Specialization production is development direction


Product of numerical control accessory should to specialization, social cooperation changes directional development. The development of diversity of numerical control machine tool and individuation also asks product of accessory of numerical control machine tool is below the prerequisite that adds a function, use new material, new technology extensively, make products plan diversification. As the intense competition of the market, the profit space of the product will decrease, small and whole industry pattern asks what incommensurate socialization produces.


Additional, country to specializationing the manufacturer should offer proper favourable policy. The progress that at present market of numerical control machine tool gives a function the part created a good development opportunity, manufacturer home is sailing upstream industrialization does well to work on smooth foundation, satisfy the requirement that lead plane expands as soon as possible.


To shrink as soon as possible fraction accuses the difference of component of machine tool function and foreign industry developed country, the enterprise should accelerate own innovation or be to adopt as joint-stock as foreign enterprise, collaboration to introduce technical method to wait. The enterprise should aim at international advanced level, do well own innovation works, shorten as soon as possible the difference of as advanced as abroad level, do do component of function of strong China numerical control to make an industry greatly.