Production value of machine tool of numerical control of Nantong science and technology is changed rate rise

Published on 2019-07-02

Outstanding achievement signs up for in: Business income one hundred and fifteen million and ninety thousand four hundred yuan, drop compared to the same period 37.58% ; Net profit forty-two million one hundred and sixty thousand one hundred yuan. Comment on: In last few years, nantong science and technology is adopted accelerate product research and development, adjust the product structure, strategy act that gets used to market demand quickly, although suffer financial crisis effect, machine tool production value drops somewhat, however, production value of numerical control machine tool is changed rate rise compared to the same period however 15.01 percent. For this, the company will change according to market demand further, have product structural adjustment quickly; The construction that should combine new plant area at the same time increases technical reformation investment further, raise the workmanship equipment level of oneself; At the same time positive research and development makes new product, satisfy demand of market of domestic high end, replace an entrance, realize great skill to equip to be changed independently.