Product of new science and technology of Lu Na machine tool passes appraisal to check and accept

Published on 2019-07-02

On December 16, 2012, suffer Shandong to save classics letter appoint entrust, classics of jujube village city is believed appoint in Chen Long limited company of group Shandong Lu Na machine tool is chaired held the province that assumes by this company project appraisal of technical innovation plan checks and accept the conference, come back to numerical control of TMC21A turning center, PX350-CNC2-T4 press bed and XHC715A vertical machining center undertake appraisal is checked and accept. The expert that appraisal expert group saves the unit such as academy of mechanical design of university of machinist trade association, Shandong, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shandong by Shandong is comprised, jujube village classics is believed appoint light of Wang Xu of section chief of division of outfit of vice director Ren Haitao, ability attend the meeting. Expert attending the meeting prepares working report through listening to, watch prototype and manufacturing scene, examine product technology design and document, hand-in-hand travel is serious inquiry and discuss to form appraisal opinion finally, the starting point of research and development of 3 kinds of new products such as center of cognizance TMC21A turning is high, technical innovation place is prominent, each index and machine tool function achieve design requirement, the international that all obtains congener product is advanced level, agree to be checked and accept through appraisal. Among them, the high-tech industry such as main and contented aviation, spaceflight, national defence, war industry, shipbuilding is the high speed to complex part, high spirit, efficient the TMC21A turning center that automation machines, research and development the turning main shaft that coder of magnetoresistive of straight couplet type adds hydraulic pressure stop a car is unit, raised C axis graduation precision and answer speed, improved cutting stability; Designed tailstock of hydraulic pressure servo and coaxial to spend adjust a structure quickly, the niche that can dominate tailstock accurately and top hold power, the coaxial that adjusts tailstock center and main shaft center quickly is spent; Developed tower of VDI servo knife independently, the rate that change a knife is rapid, precision is tall. Expert group thinks, this appraisal technology reports data full and accurate, can see company of Lu Na machine tool tests analysis and quality control to take seriously more to the machine tool, test method rises greatly, dot of innovation of a lot of technologies can apply for to invent patent. Experts still point out further, lu Na machine tool has new positive result every year in respect of new product research and development, global economy suffers to affect the big environment that glides considerably to fall in market of industry of machine tool tool this year, can serve as actively, further development gives new product, made reserve to develop next, also see the company works to take seriously more to technical innovation, already coruscate gives new appearance. The expert is returned with respect to the product farther seriation and machine tool defend improve wait for respect to table a proposal. Zhang Zhijiang of controller of machine tool of general manager of group of celestial bodies dragon, Lu Na causes greeting decline, he says, the enterprise will carry product of farther perfect fist, optimize product structure and production to organize means, pass complete member the technology grooms, the method such as perfect technology measure, promote a product reliability in the round, promote an enterprise competition ability, for our city machinery manufacturing industry upgrades and strengthen ” in of small machine tool ” construction redo new contribution.