Law factor charges mill of boring of numerical control be born machining center is about to appear on CCMT2012

Published on 2019-07-02

Shandong law factor accuses mechanical Inc. to will come 20 days read extensively in Nanjing international on April 16, 2012 the center reveals mill of boring of be born of FV200 numerical control machining center. Because numerical control company introduces collaboration of Italian Colgar technology to produce,this product is a law, have the characteristic of high speed, efficient, high accuracy. Rotate speed of its main shaft can amount to 6000r/min, speed of feed of axis of X, Y, Z can amount to 40m/min, the machinery such as report of labour of wide application Yu Jun, nucleus, wind report, the sources of energy, metallurgy, shipping, aerospace, traffic is made wait for an industry the treatment of large and intricate work. This machine tool has milling, boring, auger cut, a variety of functions such as tap Huo aperture, the respect such as its automation degree, precision, function already amounted to world advanced level.