Machine tool industry invests opportunity protruding to show

Published on 2019-07-02

Summary: The swift and violent development of automobile industry, and industry of machine of aerospace industry, project, mould enter rapidder development period, and be made as big airlines, war industry industry makes those who wait for investment dimensions increase, formed new point of growth to the demand of machine tool industry, drive an industry to grow quickly. In the meantime, have advantage of manpower resource cost than industry of our country machine tool with international industry posture, it is related the country give aid to of policy drive below, gain ability grows ceaselessly. Accompanying the rapid growth of Chinese economy, industry of our country machine tool already entered the boom area that develops more quickly. Demand is pulled move industry growth   Huge market demand becomes the motive force that industry of Chinese machine tool grows quickly. Our country has become global first machine tool to consume big country. Current, about 27.3% what before consumption of our country machine tool is occupied 10 big machine tools consume a country to consume gross, its China produces a machine tool to have rate from 2001 39.3% promotion arrive 44.6% current, and this one proportion still is in ceaseless promotion. Those who accompany Chinese economy is fast grow, the boom of manufacturing industry of equipment of benefit from benefit from, machine tool industry is making the trade that has international competition ability more stage by stage.    Mutiple level downstream demand is aided push machine tool industry to grow. China becomes center of world manufacturing industry ceaselessly, be in China from manufacturing industry big country in the transition process to manufacturing industry powerful nation, machine tool industry assumes great history mission. Machine of facilities of car and component, aerospace, mould, power, project and manufacturing industry of other and of all kinds equipment dilate and global industry shift the scale of production that wait etc form below the trend mutiple level the demand of machine tool product, drive an industry to grow.    Have promotion of ability of cost advantage innovation   The manpower resource advantage that has international competition ability is the key of product cost advantage, also be current of competition ability of international of industry of our country machine tool essential. In the meantime, on the foundation of product cost advantage, the industry pays attention to the promotion of own innovation ability more, machine tool industry from inside satisfy low end product requirement starts, in in machine tool of cheap numerical control gets the user approbates a foundation extensively to go up, be united in wedlock through introducing technology and own development phase, develop to high-end product stage by stage.    Give aid to policy drives an industry to grow   Be encouraged related and give aid to the came on stage to create good periphery to support national policy for development of machine tool industry ceaselessly support of policy, search the pillar that grows steadily to the industry from inside exterior element. From ” 915 ” the program arrives ” long-term science and technology develop program outline in the country ” , arrive again ” a certain number of opinions that the State Council revitalizes equipment manufacturing industry about accelerating ” , the country is right of equipment manufacturing industry prop up one annulus is like strength closely one annulus, machine tool industry is commercialized industry not just, more in national strategy main component.    Since 15 programs, the country takes seriously ceaselessly as manufacturing industry ” machine tools ” machine tool industry grows, gold cuts sales revenue of machine tool manufacturing industry to promote steadily, since 1999 sales revenue year all compound increase rate is achieved 30% , ability of entire industry profit increases ceaselessly, from 2000 make up the deficits and get surpluses begins, since 2000 year all compound increase rate is to be as high as 59% more. And ability of profit of industry of report of other gain index promotes steadily. 1999-2006 year average wool interest rate carries the trade the level of about 19% . In Feburary 2007 portion sales revenue relatively the corresponding period grew about 30% last year, and profit total more relatively on year the corresponding period breaks up time, growth speedometer shows not common. Economy of China of benefit from benefit from grows, industry of our country machine tool is in what develop quickly to grow period. Last in Chinese economy the improvement of rapid growth, investment climate, tremendous market potential, below the setting that world manufacturing industry transfers to China ceaselessly, industry of domestic machine tool mirrors machine tool industry to be in the boom that grows quickly from the index such as ability of total of sales revenue, profit, gain period.    In gold 100 million analysises:    As the swift and violent development of automobile industry; Aerospace is increased to demand of machine tool of high-powered numerical control; Together with ” 915 ” during of construction of highway of our country railroad, traffic, town construction drive below, the demand of project machine picks up necessarily, enter faster hair exhibition period, the range of numerical control machine tool that project machine needs is very wide, with in bed of large scale computer is given priority to; According to forecasting, industry of our country mould is average and annual in the near future can have 5O 100 million yuan of or so fixed assets are devoted, in fixed assets investment, the investment of mould treatment facilities is occupied 80% , that is to say, mould industry has 4 billion yuan mould every year to machine the need of equipment about; And be made as big airlines, war industry industry makes those who wait for investment dimensions increase, introducing product of high-end numerical control from abroad is one of important ways, but the limitation that abroad exports to crucial technology, below the element influence such as national strategy safety, development has the high-end product of own knowledge product to had made the main strategy that national economy develops, and the development of the industry of stimulative home machine tool with these will more advantageous elements. Divide afore-mentioned industries beyond, railroad construction has investment of capital of a huge sum every year, especially the large area of railroad is carried fast, railroad car of diesel locomotive, car will be updated entirely, its development is sure to need considerable various numerical control machine tools. Accordingly, in gold 100 million analysises think:    Demand of machine tool trade stabilizes growth, and consider the country takes height of machine tool industry seriously, prospective trade policy gives aid to strength increases setting to fall, machine tool industry is faced with industry of machine tool of historic development good luck to be worth to pay close attention to for a long time.    Proposal bank emphasis pays close attention to industry stress company, be like machine tool of development of plain of Shenyang machine tool, the Qin Dynasty, Kunming. In suggesting the bank undertakes extended credit, share a trade grow.    When the bank is having investment, the demand place that should pay close attention to relevant industry gives machine tool industry brought new point of growth, those who be like contented project machine is medium the equipment of the demand of the numerical control machine tool that railroad of river of demand of spaceflight of travel of bed of large scale computer, contented aviation builds, contented Information Industry will make trade of our country machine tool new point of growth, the company that new to having point of growth produces a condition and can have innovation ability to own own intellectual property undertakes the bank pay close attention to mainly, and the development state of affairs of the industry is timely related the basis give a letter.