The classification of parameter of numerical control machine tool

Published on 2019-07-02

No matter be the CNC system of which kinds of model,have many parameter, little criterion hundreds of, get on 1000 more, look dazzling. Through careful research, baconian the general character with rise to have again particular but character, offer its to classify means to consult in order to do now.

1, by the expression of parameter the form differentiates, the parameter of numerical control machine tool can be divided it is 3 kinds.

(1) condition parameter

   Condition parameter is in showing 8 binary systems of every parameter are digital, each state that represented a kind of independence or of some kind of function have without. For example FANUC0, a parameter of TD system each medium place is denotive it is condition parameter.

(2) rate parameter

   Rate parameter is some a few place that show some parameter is installed the coefficient of proportionality that denotive numerical value is some kind of parameter. For example    FANUC0, of TD system 512, 513, 514 parameter in 8 every place express is rate parameter.

(3) real value parameter

   Real value parameter is to state some parameter is to represent a system directly the real value of a certain parameter. The set range of this kind of parameter has set commonly, the user must notice his when use a denotive limits, lest the parameter of parameter of 1 billion set exceeds limits value. For example FANUC0, of TD system 522, 523, 524, 525 parameter in 8 every place are denotive it is rate parameter.

2, the property that presses parameter itself can be divided it is two kinds

(1) common model parameter

   There is detailed introduction parameter to all can regard as on the data that always provides in Home CNC manufactory common model parameter. The specification that this kind of parameter wants to pressing a data to go up only makes clear meaning, can correct, agile application can.

(2) private class parameter

   Private class parameter is the manufacturer that points to numerical control system in the parameter specification that the data place that goes in of all kinds and open hair provides, all a few parameter do not make the introduction, just be in random bed place has initiative set to be worth in accessary parameter watch, the user is done not clear its specific meaning. If this kind of parameter produces a change, the user will be at a loss, must ask manufacturer professional to undertake safeguard and be maintaininged.