The structure of numerical control machine tool asks

Published on 2018-03-27

 Machine tool noumenon is the main body part of numerical control machine tool. Come from all sorts of motion at numerical control device and behavioral statement, must come true by changeover of machine tool noumenon solid, accurate mechanical movement and movement, ability realizes the function of numerical control machine tool, make sure the function of numerical control machine tool asks.

   The machine tool noumenon of numerical control machine tool comprises by following and departmental cent:

   (1) advocate transmission system, its function is implementation advocate motion.

   (2) feed system, its function is implementation feed motion.

   (Foundation of 3) machine tool, point to lathe bed, base, pillar, slide carriage, workbench to wait normally. Its function is bearing machine tool noumenal 0, component, assure these 0, the accurate place that the component has in cutting treatment process.

   (4) realizes the device of certain part movement and certain and auxiliary function, be like hydraulic pressure, pneumatic, lubricant, refrigeration and defend, the device such as platoon bits.

   (5) realizes the device that workpiece circumgyrate, graduation locates and accessory, be like circumgyrate workbench.

   (6) knife library, tool carrier and trade knife unit automatically (ATC) .

   (7) automatic tray exchanges unit (APC) .

   (Device of 8) special function, if cutting tool damaged detects, precision detects and supervisory and control arrangement.

   Among them, machine tool foundation, advocate the auxiliary unit such as transmission system, feed system and hydraulic pressure, lubricant, refrigeration is the machine tool that makes numerical control machine tool noumenal main part, other part presses the function of numerical control machine tool and need to choose. Form although the machine tool of numerical control machine tool is noumenal basically very as similar as traditional machine tool, but because numerical control machine tool is in,the requirement on function and function and existence of traditional machine tool are worn huge gap, so the machine tool noumenon of numerical control machine tool is on total position, structure, function have a lot of apparent difference with traditional machine tool, appeared a lot of completely original rigid structures that get used to characteristic of function of numerical control machine tool and component.

   Numerical control machine tool is a kind of high accuracy, efficient automation treatment facilities. Although price of numerical control machine tool is high, one-time investment is huge, but still make manufacturer place is used generally and obtain very good economic benefits for machinery, its reason depends on numerical control machine tool can automation ground, high accuracy, high quality, efficient the treatment problem that the ground solves medium, small lot. The development of numerical control technology, servo drive technology reachs the application on the machine tool, the automation that is numerical control machine tool, high accuracy, efficient offerred possibility, but should turn possibility into reality, must ask the rigid structure of numerical control machine tool has admirable characteristic ability to assure. The static stiffness that these character include a construction, fight brace up precision of the attrition character when the gender, smooth sex that thermal stability, low speed moves and motion, geometry, transmission precision.

   One, the static stiffness that improves machine tool composition

   The static stiffness of machine tool structure is to show the action in cutting force and other force falls, ability of metabolic of machine tool resistance.

   The machine tool is in treatment process, suffer the effect of a variety of outside force, obstruction of the power of self-prossessed, cutting that includes athletic component and work, driving force, force when adding decelerate, attrition. Each component of the machine tool is out of shape generation below the action of these force, like each foundation bend and seize change form, of bearing component local be out of shape, the contact of fixed join face and face of athletic clench the teeth is out of shape etc. These is out of shape direct or the metropolis is indirect the ground is caused opposite displacement arises between cutting tool and workpiece, destroy the proper place that cutting tool and workpiece have so, affect the machines precision and cutting process character of the machine tool thereby, so, the static stiffness that raises a machine tool is the global demand that machine tool structure designs. Numerical control machine tool is obtain efficient and had high-power and high rate, make its place susceptive all sorts of outside force load are more abominable, and the automation that machines a process also makes amend and machining error cannot be compensated by artificial interpose, so, of numerical control machine tool be out of shape more can serious to machining the influence of precision. Obtain stable high accuracy to make sure numerical control machine tool is below automation, efficient cutting condition, its machinery structure should have taller static stiffness, the stiffness coefficient that the standard provides numerical control machine tool should compare % of similar tall 50 of general accuracy machine tool.

   1. Reasonable design foundation sectional appearance and dimension, use reasonable muscle to harden compose