How to raise dependability of numerical control machine tool

Published on 2019-07-02

Well-known, actuating device of the numerical control system that chooses high-powered, Gao Ke to rely on a gender in machine tool design, servo and high grade form a complete set yuan the component can make the dependability of machine tool of homebred numerical control rises greatly. Because be the same as what the numerical control machine tool of the type chooses,also be the numerical control system that is the same as a type, accordingly homebred machine tool is in side of precision and performance and photograph of machine tool of entrance numerical control are compared, difference is not quite big, and still have definite advantage on after service and price, but both the credit in user memory is not identical however. This is the issue that is placed before manufactory of machine tool of domestic numerical control to be solved urgently. Investigate its reason is many sided, its key still is in fountainhead, namely the design of manufactory of machine tool of domestic numerical control, service and level of management.

    In if why make multitask digit control process of modular machine tool in the design,my company introducing below, through dependability the design enhances the quality awareness of employee, assure product quality with working quality, raise the dependability of numerical control machine tool, offer satisfactory, applicable product to the user, win an user to order goods ceaselessly.

    The 1 feasibility that proves products plan plan through craft experiment

    My company designs production multitask digit to charge modular machine tool is a special machine tool that is used at deep alveolus treatment. On the basis that understands user requirement deep, the crucial technology that involves to user demand above all — ” deep alveolus machines craft ” undertook craft experiments, through craft the experiment proves the feasibility of products plan plan, the product that assures a design can satisfy user requirement.

    2 those who use technical maturity is modular component

    The structural design that multitask digit charges modular machine tool uses my company classics of mass-produced test and verify modular component, if use revolving stage of numerical control of head of the numerical control slip of linear scroll slideway, small-sized bore, high accuracy,wait.

    3 summary experience, lesson

    Undertake an analysis to producing modular machine tool and the quality information that after service feedbacks before, to be like a machine tool defend, the problem such as wiring and exterior puts forward to improve a requirement.

    4 choose high quality to control system and component

    Component of component of function of actuating device of the numerical control system that the machine tool chooses high-powered, high reliability, servo, form a complete set, electric equipment, detecting element, in order to assure machine tool dependability.

    The numerical control system of the machine tool chooses the POWERMATE-D motion controller of Japanese FANUC company, it has function of two axle control, controallable still an imitate / digital main shaft, two servo axis can be configured in a passageway, yi Ke is configured respectively in two passageways. The system has compositive PLC, through FANUCI/OLINK serial data transmits bus line but will amount to controller of 16 POWERMATE-D motion to join together. Many motion controller can share monitor of a CRT/MDI. The system of control of distributing center type that these character make use this motion controller to comprise is had good but expansibility, apply to those who have disparate industry digit especially all sorts of multitask digit charge modular machine tool.

    Servo actuating device deserves to communicate servo with FANUCa set number. The round grating that detecting element of position of closed circuit of revolving stage of high accuracy numerical control chooses company of German Hai Dehan to produce.

    The 5 functions that use numerical control system correctly

    High-powered numerical control system is in application, because incorrect parameter setting, unreasonable logic controls a program to often make,numerical control machine tool is taking a problem to leave factory, just discover existence problem when the user is used, affected the reputation of the product. When if applying systematic pitch error to compensate functional logarithm to charge the fixed position of revolving stage,precision undertakes correction, incorrect parameter setting can make revolving stage rotates to same way fixed position, bring bigger and bigger error instead; Add slowdown time constant incorrectly to install the impact that can make main transfer machinery of didymous machine tool to wait.

    The grand function B that uses a system realizes parameter to change process designing, simplify operation.