Machining center of vertical of BV85 of Beijing Electromechanical courtyard will appear on CIMES

Published on 2018-03-27

   Beijing Electromechanical courtyard is in CIMES 2008 (exhibition of tool of machine tool of the 9th China International, came 13 days on October 9 at Beijing) on, will exhibit BV85 vertical machining center (exhibit: Exhibit house E1 newly, A202) .

   This equipment is used specialization numerical control system, each sharp movement rod, main shaft and increase runner shaft coming back to all introduce drive of servo electric machinery, can undertake all sorts of milling, bore hole, the general machining such as the aperture that get bore with a reamer, rigid tap. Realize digitlization to locate accurately, through linkage of athletic rod interpolation implementation comes back cut a variety of big whorl, curved surface treatment. And, workpiece can come true to hold the thick, precision work of a variety of working procedure in placing a process on same table machine tool.

   In the meantime, the process designing in a variety of typical loop programs were being deployed to offer treatment course in system of its numerical control is chosen. The cutting treatment in process of machine tool job, cooling fluid is offerred, cutting tool exchange all by weave the process is controlled beforehand, and center of axis of automatic solid almsgiver blows air in the process that change a knife, can maintain knife handle and cleanness of main shaft taper hole well. Of the generation in Cheng of machine tool cutting cut bits criterion by erode system and platoon bits implement wait for directional platoon to send collect bits the car, or be by clear artificially.