Raise machine tool of homebred numerical control to devise the main way of dependability

Published on 2018-03-27

Numerical control machine tool is main by noumenon of numerical control system, servo, machine tool 3 much are comprised. The design dependability of numerical control machine tool, basically depend on the design dependability of numerical control system. Show the numerical control system of machine tool of acting numerical control, incline to at using modular the configuration of hardware. According to the need of numerical control function of different machine tool, the module that can choose different function undertakes assorted. In optimize, below the principle guidance of generalization, standardization, the design that undertakes functional module and make, can improve numerical control system greatly but brigade sex. At present our country designs the numerical control system of development, its function returns abide to be perfected further, outside dividing the function that is used at treatment directly, still should include man-machine interaction function, machine tool breakdown diagnoses a function oneself, the machine tool protects a function, function of cutting tool management. The equipment of these functions, can reduce a machine tool to use already with the complexity that safeguards a respect, can raise the dependability that numerical control machine tool uses greatly again. “95 ” during, production cartel of backbone of machine tool of our country numerical control completed project of national emphasis scientific research ” numerical control technology and the research that assemble a project to change ” task, it is grasper in order to raise dependability of design of numerical control machine tool, digest the advanced technique that absorbs the system of foreign numerical control such as FANUC, SIENIENS actively, make the MTBF value of machine tool of homebred numerical control increases to be more than 400 hours, oneself is adjacent the Ke Fei sex of machine tool of foreign numerical control. Servo is the electric transmission between numerical control system and machine tool noumenon contact link, rise quickly along with what a move in chess or a movement in wushu accuses systematic dependability, and the top sports speed of numerical control machine tool, dog reach fixed position precision, the technical index such as the quality that the spare parts machines, productivity and sex of working Ke Fei, basically often decide the trends at servo and static function again, the design that improves servo it is thus clear that but the dependability with cloth overall to raising numerical control machine tool sex is having the first month to want exhausted justice. Current, servo technology obtained major breakthrough, communication drive replaced control of dc drive, number to replace imitate to control, arose to communicate digital drive system. Especially the promotion of DSP and application, can make the computational rate of servo rises, sampling time decreases, debug convenient, flexible increase, but brigade sex rises greatly. The machine tool noumenon of numerical control machine tool (basically be mechanical drive structure and functional component) design dependability also decided overall dependability greatly. Design and make what our country all through the ages values main engine only, the functional part that causes machine tool of our country numerical control (be like ball silk lever, scroll slideway, numerical control lathe turns tower tool carrier, library of machining center knife and manipulator) , or quality difference, dependability not as good as foreign famous brand, or is blank still. For this, our country should begin the design of functional component and research energetically. Develop functional component property, to the functional component of property of accurate and mechanical component, if lever of silk of high speed ball, high speed rolls,library of slideway, knife is mixed manipulator, should be in short-term inside strive for be caught up with on quality, function, Ke Fei sex and exceed product of foreign famous brand. In addition, develop the technology even far industry of more lagging than the machine tool tool of numerical control machine tool goes up, begin the research of material of novel cutting tool, design cutting tool of novel numerical control machine tool, raise cutting tool durability, the precision that lengthens numerical control machine tool holds time. “15 ” during, mechanical production industry turns our country a bit closely forward, flexible change, compositive change, automation, intelligence changes a respect to develop quickly, demand of machine tool of domestic numerical control is driving, our country is sent dominate machine tool industry comfortable meet wonderful development opportunity. However after our country joins WTO, abroad produces send accuse a machine tool to will enter our country market morely, market competition is more intense. Accordingly, raise the design dependability of numerical control machine tool, to assuring its job dependability, enhance increasingly intense market competition ability, the rapid development of course of study is having stimulative machinist to should heal again justice.