2 machine win the bid south home most project of form a complete set of gear machine tool

Published on 2018-03-27

On June 17, 2 machine tools of Nanjing and joint-stock company of Great Wall car are in Heibei Baoding is one-time sign 37 million yuan win the bid contract. This contract is the order for goods of the biggest brushstroke that at present home produces machine tool of gear of high-grade full numerical control to make form a complete set, add up to 78, include is medium, high-grade 4 insert gear shaving machine of tine machine, numerical control to gear-hobbing machine of 6 axes numerical control, numerical control, it is industry of machine tool of our country gear unexpectedly in mark, the biggest of mark.

2 machine tools of Nanjing win the bid this, it is to build communicate for a long time in both sides, over mutual and trustful foundation, be in early was informed Great Wall company to want new project of mount a horse in July 2005, had done actively the communication with the other side and communicate, provide the mapping of gear-box gear and preparation of early days technology for the other side, do the servive routine before good carry out. This year in January, after Great Wall company makes public invite public bidding to the whole nation, caused south the height of 2 machine takes seriously, to bidding plan undertook for many times optimizing, compare in the omnibus price of the machine tool on very make great efforts. Leader of 2 machine tools and project technology personnel are visited for many times, contact, dog, laid good foundation to win the bid. Classics expert group has integrated appraise sth through discussion to joining the manufacturer of invite public bidding, chose 2 machine tools of Nanjing finally an independence wins the bid, this is right south the accredit of 2 machine, also be right south 2 machine hold to own innovation road for a long time, develop the affirmation of machine tool of homebred numerical control with all one’s strength.

2 machine tools of Nanjing from on 90 time have the century, begin to adopt transfer of technology, base oneself upon innovates independently, digest the advanced technique that absorbs machine tool of international numerical control, develop in machine tool of numerical control gear, make on had great progress, grind early or late give out gear-hobbing machine of 6 axes numerical control, 5 axes numerical control to insert tine machine, 5 number of axle to accuse tornado of gear shaving machine, RM80 the mutiple level, much norms such as multilateral machine tool, seriation, represent the gear cutting machine tool of domestic advanced level, become domestic only to be able to offer columnar gear gold to cut machine tool of gear of numerical control of treatment complete set.

This south the hold the belt of with one action of 2 machine, card understands machine tool of gear of homebred medium, high-grade numerical control to be able to replace congener entrance product completely, for our country machine tool of gear of own brand numerical control is caught up with stage by stage and replaced entrance machine tool finally to establish confidence. South 2 people also win the bid this regard new development opportunity as, when regard pair of industry technology capability as brand-new reveal and challenge. Already held water at present by the project group of general manager assume leadership, layer upon layer fulfil, overcome difficult assault fortified positions, use contemporary network to plan manufacturing management pattern, carry out strictly by plan plan, make sure this project delivers to an user as scheduled by high level, high quality.