Numerical control machine tool is homebred shoulder heavy responsibilities that change

Published on 2018-03-27

Numerical control machine tool regards the Electromechanical unifinication of electronic IT and confluence of photograph of technology of traditional machine tool as the product, have efficient, nicety, flexible a lot of characteristic such as automation, particularly comfortable at machining the spare parts of complex form, the mainstream product that makes contemporary metal make market of the fundamental equipment with the most important technology and world machine tool already consequently. In recent years in view of our country the metal machines the development with rapid with each passing day industry, from on 80 time metaphase begins the century, appear to the demand of numerical control machine tool the addition of advance rapidly. Because manufacturing industry of domestic machine tool is opposite at that time backward, produce can mix the technology is far the need that cannot satisfy home market, accordingly, long-term since our country relies on abroad to import a product all the time to the demand of numerical control machine tool. Among them the main source land that Germany, Switzerland, Japan, United States and Taiwan area make our country import numerical control machine tool for a long time.

Although numerical control machine tool appears in domestic metal to machine an industry to had had 20 old histories, but the numerical control that our country has a machine tool at present is changed rate is very low still. At present the consumptive domain of machine tool of our country numerical control basically includes: Information of car, current mechanism, electron and war industry. The heavy name a person for a particular job that in the near future production industry of our country equipment invests is in machinery of aerospace, shipping, railroad, heavy-duty metallurgy, generate electricity the industry such as equipment and national defence war industry, and these main users that are a machine tool, bring the progress that gives a machine tool the industry good good luck from this. Accordingly, concerned expert points out future 10 years the potential demand that logarithm of Chinese mechanical manufacturing industry controls a machine tool is accelerating requirement of translate into reality. Data statistic shows, our country machine tool consumed 13.11 billion dollar 2006, grow 21.6% compared to the same period, import 7.24 billion dollar among them, 55.23% what occupy annual machine tool to consume amount, grow 11.5% compared to the same period.

Face the market demand that expands ceaselessly, of numerical control machine tool low homebred change rate issue to be highlighted increasingly. Although numerical control machine tool of China produces already to pass to fumble for years,also had certain development and productivity with development, appeared to produce a business for numerical control machine tool of the representing with Shenyang machine tool, but still cannot cast off home overall technology and productivity are short-term inside the reality that cannot contend with foreign product. To this, the government points out development clearly system of numerical control of large, nicety, high speed, those who enlarge numerical control machine tool is homebred change and change independently as ” 915 ” the key of the program, aim to pass Wu of finance, duty, credit to wait for the development that supports industry of numerical control machine tool, enhancing ability of research and development of numerical control machine tool and competition ability of domestic production company ceaselessly while, what enlarge numerical control machine tool gradually is homebred change rate, in order to alter the aspect that the market counts an import for a long time.

But face home to produce an enterprise to study insufficient, innovation is not much for the most part, and domestic and international commerce is attrib border after China joins WTO increasingly ambiguous, retire imports the umbrella of custom duty, the pressure of domestic company has more add without decrease. What if where,numerical control machine tool comes true in increasingly intense competition is homebred the way that change, will be future longer the problem that company of production of the country inside time and government will are faced with jointly and solves.