Machine tool line of business is overseas buy: Become silent the undercurrent of backside

Published on 2018-03-27

Current, industry of tool of Chinese machine tool moves toward the pace of overseas market to putting delay with the way that buys, and the rate that undertakes with all sorts of means international cooperates is being deepened ceaselessly, a lot of industries express to adjusting inside and outside to spend proportion, infiltrate the product further international market.

Those who become silent is abroad buy

From October 2005 Beijing capital Electromechanical accuses a finite liability company to issue subsidiary Beijing through the banner factory of the first machine tool buys Germany factory of machine tool of Li Xike fort of made of baked clay heart of · of A Erdao’s husband is finite two join a company, since 8 months, abroad buy the market to become silent quite all the time.

“A few well-known companies of domestic already were participated in mostly abroad buy, other company on one hand ability has defective, also be in on one hand wait-and-see the result that its buy. ” the expert inside one course of study says.

From October 2002 group of Dalian machine tool is wholy-owned the Ingersoll that bought the United States produces systematic limited company, to last year the end of the year, happened 9 cases in all abroad buy, involved 6 home well-known company, divide group of Harbin measure cutting tool outside finite liability company, it is leader plant entirely, the enterprise such as group of group of Shenyang machine tool, Dalian machine tool represented the level of industry of domestic machine tool almost, its are wholy-owned buy, joint-stock control a company of foreign machine tool, to course of study of domestic machine tool character, it is the signal that industry actual strength enhances not only, more make domestic company understands adequately through them abroad the situation that buys.

“On the other hand, as industry of international machine tool bullish, foreign itself also is undertaking adjustment, what can be labelled and buy a company is not much. ” this expert analysis. Really, since industry of Chinese machine tool walked out of trough 2000, driving the get warm again after a cold spell of industry of global machine tool with powerful current.

Be in abroad, enterprise of newborn machine tool is very few, and in cheap product already was washed out basically, the enterprise great majority of existence is dimensions small, but technical level is high, from buy itself for, it is the industry with less cost. The problem depends on, the business with better side of a technology can is faced with go bankrupt, have the soft costal region with its insoluble oneself normally, and domestic company wants to go and buy, majority is to want to acquire its technology. But a fact that nots allow to ignore is, it is technical control of abroad no matter, still be bought just resist in cold blood, the skill that we can take finally is not newest the superlative degree normally. And when buy, domestic company needs to sign relevant agreement with local government however, it is OK to assure this company gain, assure the obtain employment of local dweller, this increased what hold high originally to purchase cost undoubtedly.

Nevertheless, the fruit that buys also is clearly. Show according to data of statistic of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool, companies of 9 abroad machine tool that are bought are at present medium, have 6 implementation profit, 2 keep balance, 1 still deficit. Among them the UAI company that Qin Chuan buys has sold equipment of broaching machine of 2 million dollar in China, the product that planned 2 million yuan to drive China 2006 is exported. Limited company of system of production of Er of all alone of American flower case and limited company of production system of crankshaft of Er of flower case all alone increased to make the sale of the enterprise in Chinese car. Limited company of group of Harbin measure cutting tool obtains what the orgnaization sells related triumphant lion brand the exclusive access inside period authority and alive bound limits, products plan has copyright and software source program and intellective resource and total production to make only equip and make a team.

Active international communicates

Abroad the benefit that buys has been revealed, but square to buying for, have actual strength to undertake buying, how is the demand that the contented company of the oldest rate grows ability managed after buying, and the updating equipment of the related side and education of technical qualified personnel, need to buy square consideration. And cooperate directly with foreign enterprise, undertake the means such as technical communication wants to be gotten simply much, accordingly although go since 8 months, abroad buy did not happen all the time, but the pace that enterprise of domestic machine tool and international conform did not put delay however. This basically is reflected in a few respects.

Joint-stock have production. If one enterprise of friendly beautiful and United States is collective and contributive,do same a project, because the other side need not conceal his technical level to friendly beautiful, what they value is Chinese market, and what friendly beautiful takes a fancy to is network of its technology and global sale, collaboration is easier ” close ” .