The place of dark essence machine that make appears on the market the machining center that can process diametical 1000mm work

Published on 2018-03-27

  The place of dark essence machine that make begins to accept treatment the machining center of vertical of 5 axle control that complex form processes large work (MC) " NMV8000 DCG " order. Loading capacity is 1000kg. Can machine a diameter of the biggest 1000mm cylindrical the cuboid workpiece of workpiece and diagonal the longest 1000mm. Basically face the domain such as plane, car, construction machinery and mould.   

Workbench uses large requirements bearing to ensure treatment precision. Respect of main shaft type, 40 main shaft that allow stock to suit high speed to machine and agree with 50 main shaft that difficult cutting material machines. But according to workpiece optional firstly.   

With former model " NMV5000 DCG " identical, "NMV8000 DCG " still considered maneuverability. For example, machine the interior of the storehouse to see from the front, in improving treatment can inspect a gender. Operation personnel is approachable main shaft and workbench, facilitating operation. Additional, because the Y axis of the end on equipment is protected,provide can be opened and shut, can use crane to install large work easily so.   

The mobile quantity of X/Y/Z axis is 1200/920/610mm respectively, the top rotate speed of main shaft is 10 thousand 2000rpm. If choose,deserve to be able to raise 20 thousand Rpm. Cutting tool receives quantitative standard to be 31, if choose,deserve to be able to increase 181 at most.