Fierce pulls the numerical control in hand China to strike jointly again market of machine tool of high-grade numerical control

Published on 2018-03-27

  On July 20 morning, china in numerical control and fierce sign agreement again, form strategic partner. China in numerical control general and research and development of Wu Chonglian hand, cover n/COL the head of a family equipment to undertake numerical control is transformed for Wu Chongsan, implementation is used ” Wuhan cerebra ” assemble ” Wuhan machine tool ” , make its can produce large propeller blade, generate electricity the accurate component such as equipment, big even airlines, make the machine tool of homebred and high-grade numerical control that has own intellectual property.
    Guilin of chief engineer of group of heavy-duty machine tool expresses Wuhan, collaboration of this kind of strategy is strong strong collaboration, main purpose is the technology of high-grade numerical control that promotes our country own innovation, make larger contribution for national economy construction and national defence construction.
    As we have learned, at present of 80% above of our country in system of high-end numerical control basically counts an import. This fierce pulls the numerical control in hand China again, the equipment standard that promotes Hubei manufacturing industry greatly.