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Published on 2019-07-02

On August 10 morning, xu Jianhua of director of standing committee of National People’s Congress of secretary of municipal Party committee, city leads delegacy of Dongguan city party card to research group of Dalian machine tool, both sides has communication of have an informal discussion with respect to matters concerned of collaboration of project of Dongguan of Dalian machine tool. Deputy mayor He Yu, member of municipal government leading Party group, Song Shanhu (zoology garden) the party is versed in appoint secretary, canal appoint conference chairman Yan Huanming, huang Shaowen of secretary-general of municipal Party committee attended to inspect an activity.

Delegacy of Dongguan city party card goes to Dalian to make an on-the-spot investigation. The graph is research group of Dalian machine tool chief correspondent Zheng Lin east photograph

Dalian machine tool: Flexible production system produce and sale measures the whole nation the first
Xu Jianhua is in what Chen Yong of president of group of Dalian machine tool leaves to accompany all right below, digitlization of harbor of this group double D makes development garden plant area, inspect equipment to produce technology and product substance. Group of Dalian machine tool is our country founds a state industry of machine tool of earlier whole nation ” one of 18 arhat ” , the whole nation is large modular machine tool, flexible research and development of machine tool of production system and technology of automation whole set and equipment, numerical control creates base, research and development of component of numerical control function creates the company of arms of the person at the head of a procession of base and industry of Chinese machine tool.
Main product includes this group lathe of high speed nicety, numerical control lathe and car mill center, establish horizontal machining center and dragon door machining center, modular machine tool and flexible the 5 old series such as component of function of transfer matic, numerical control norms of 500 many breed. Among them, modular machine tool and transfer matic, flexible production system product, produce and sale measures the whole nation the first, home market is had rate amount to 30 % above, technical level home is banner; Product of product of product of machining center of 5 axes vertical, machining center of MDH high-grade horizontal, machining center of MDV high-grade vertical has international advanced level.
“This ability is manufacturing industry of large and advanced equipment. ” in inspecting a process, the research and development of group of Dalian machine tool makes actual strength make delegacy member big open horizon, make item of Dongguan of good Dalian machine tool to driving the job is confident. This year in June, group of Dalian machine tool comes Guan makes an on-the-spot investigation, both sides ever reached cooperative intent with respect to concerned project.
The space is vast: Solidder faster wider better begin collaboration
“Have so good environment, dalian machine tool ‘ iron heart ‘ south below. ” the investment climate that Chen Yong opens pair of Dongguan gives height the opinion. He says, project of south of Dalian machine tool is in recent years the most important strategy deploy, the hope is in the collaboration with Dongguan, accelerate southern project to make base construction, improve southern market have rate, then market of radiation southeast Asia. In the meantime, attract industry of advanced intelligence equipment and talent to be in Dongguan assemble, the high-end equipment that drives Dongguan and even Guangdong makes industrial progress, for ” China is made 2025 ” the strategy is carried out make contribution.
The effort that Xu Jianhua makes for Dongguan project to group of Dalian machine tool thankses, express to have early ” hear of ” the brand enterprise that group of Dalian machine tool is manufacturing industry of equipment of Chinese high end, after looking around on the spot, be more ” witness ” the elegant demeanour of the group, be personally on the scene experiences the manufacturing technology with advanced company and excellent innovation competence, push relevant work to accelerating confident. Xu Jianhua says, dongguan is intensifying fulfilling ” China is made 2025 ” the strategy, carry out innovation drive development energetically, in the meantime, dominant position of Dongguan equipment production industry is clear, equipment market demand is huge, bilateral collaboration space is vast, hope both sides is solidder faster wider begin collaboration better, produce the assemble of the group and integrated advantage, attract Dongguan of more project settle, drive dimensions of manufacturing industry of equipment of Dongguan high end to change development, with ” Dongguan wisdom is built ” prop up ” Dongguan is made ” , those who achieve cooperative beneficial result is the biggest change.