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Published on 2018-03-27

As the pushbutton that start press gently, hubei 3 annulus forging what limited company invests 35 million yuan is full automatic turn to part chance to add product line, rise busily by established order. The mark is worn country gets lost a section first times full automatic unmanned product line is official put into production, forging to realizing 3 annulus of the company span the sense that type development has milepost.
Intelligence makes product line counteract 3 robots composition by treatment of 10 numerical control, unmanned automation produces the whole line, it is to forging company and Korea power inferior the technical collaboration item that the company needs to sign to satisfy an industry to upgrade. This product line is 3 annulus merely (Gu Cheng) nicety forgings a when central intelligence turns product line germinant, industrial garden first phase project forgings company project, predict to invest 1.5 billion yuan, at construction of formal in June 2014 start, already completed project of the part between extra buses or trains of 36 thousand square metre machine now, 37 thousand square metre forgings the workshop is having project of steel compose hoisting.
This company is attention focus with the client, stare at Chinese auto industry closely to develop a condition, around ” tone structure, sail upstream smooth, internationalization ” development strategy, develop company liability and national auto industry to be contacted, achieve the level on the level on management, level on the technology and equipment hard, extend tall, essence, sharp market energetically, for domestic and international client, offer year all of 2 million above change a section to the product, home blocks the market to have again rate achieve 45.4% , among them, commercial vehicle disk type turns to division market share to be as high as 80% above. 2015, face international political situation policy of flabby, market is changeful wait for grim situation, forging company international business goes against situation violent wind to rise, 1 reach 41.25 million yuan to achieved a sale May, than going up year of the corresponding period increased 22.45 million yuan, increase rate is amounted to 119% .
Intelligent production product line and domestic groovy product line are compared, have efficiency not only tall, quality cost of reliable, production is low advantage, compositive Mes production deploys a system, include to produce monitoring module, information to release library of knife of module of module, product quality date from, equipment management and analytic module, machine tool and cutting tool life to manage the technology of a lot of high end such as the function, achieve international advanced level. Will produce per year after put into production turn to a section 100 thousand, make product percent of pass arrives by 99.95% promotion 100% , can reduce manpower resource cost every year more than yuan 80, add exit newly to achieve collect ten million dollar. This the intelligence of put into production is made change a section to product line, indicate the development of a company strides a new height again. Future, the company will build cover design of product research and development, production to make, the intelligence of each business domains such as business management creates new pattern, build digital laboratory network, form platform of unifinication of digital chemical plant.