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Published on 2018-03-27

Now, the development of the machine tool forward much axis changes directional development, appeared even towards four-axle, 5 axes by 3 axes of 6 axes linkage. What profit does linkage of that many axis have after all?

Induce simply have the following:
     1, the treatment precision that can improve work
Because much axis machines the OK and significant change that reduces datum plane, this kind of treatment has process effective and compositive, have the mentioned technology validity of effect not only, still can let workpiece come true to hold clip, the target that multitask foreword machines, make treatment precision easier assure.

     2, decrease the frequency that hold clip and cover an area of an area
Be in at present on the market, price of facilities of much axis treatment is higher, but its are integrated a variety of working procedure, reduced amount of process catenary and facility amount, tool clamping apparatus, workshop to cover an area of area and equipment to uphold charge, if your crop has assuring word, there still is certain cut limits on cost.

     3, simplify produce process government
Machine tool of much axis numerical control can shorten effectively manufacturing process catenary, can make treatment task by working station is operated, make manufacturing process management gets simplifying effectively, still can maintain diaphaneity. For intricate to treatment work, photograph of equipment of much axis numerical control relatively at other tradition working procedure disperses for the production methods of equipment, the dominant position is relative more apparent. Also shorten as a result of what produce process chain at the same time, product measure decreases necessarily, can simplify manufacturing management, reduced thereby production is run and run cost.

     4, shorten new product research and development is periodic
To science and technology, innovation is the main power that the science and technology that prop up expands. Process the business that waits for a domain to aerospace, car, new product part will be opposite more complex, precision demand is higher also. This to treatment facilities, need has the process capability of by nature of high accuracy, high flexible, high volume. The competency with OK and very good facilities of much axis treatment works this, can shorten effectively cycle of research and development and the successful rate that raise new product.

     Machining center of much axis numerical control outside a few characteristics besides above, still have a lot of treatment advantage, its have the characteristic of efficient, high accuracy, workpiece installs clip to be able to realize a variety of treatment in, if device is much the system of high-grade numerical control of axial linkage, still can undertake to complex dimensional curved surface high accuracy is machined, apply to the component that machines the high demand such as plane, car.