Qi 2 machine tool company held a special review group members patrol the rectification work plan

Published on 2019-07-02

8 on Wednesday afternoon, qi 2 machine tool company party committee held a special members review research group tour feedback improvement scheme.The meeting presided over by the company secretary of the party committee by haiyan.

meeting, the company party committee organized group members first reviewed the draft the group tour feedback improvement scheme.Everyone thinks, group tour is to carry out comprehensive governing party, enhance the consciousness of the rule, discipline, improve an important opportunity for the construction of internal rules and regulations, we must attach great importance to and vigorously promotes the reform implementation, effectively improve enterprise the overall level of the construction and management of cadres and ideas.By haiyan secretary after the rectification work to deploy emphasized the four points: one is the need to borrow the group tour rectification, focused, clear division of responsibility, further implement and improve child and branch level 3 units such as triple a system;Second, aiming at the problems in the group tour feedback, clear task list and schedule, and coordinate related functions held special meeting specific arrangement advance;Three is to extrapolate to carry out the responsibility, the strict implementation of a pair of responsibilities and responsible for mechanism, specifically in charge of the leadership responsibility, positive pressure conduction, ensure that the rectification work from beginning to end someone tube.

meeting, also reviewed the internal inspector of the company in 2017, the second batch report.We believed that, after two batches of internal inspector, the inspector work itself has been gradually mature, to be able to focus on comprehensive governing party, we should stick to discipline problems, integrity problems, with the problems and the central eight, highlight the key.The inspector work, become the enterprise, the construction of the contingent of cadres, ideological construction and management of an organic part of ascension.Finally,

by haiyan secretary to speak are summarized.He stressed that the branch system reform has been five years, but through the internal inspector still found a lot of problems, although the problem is not very serious, but investigate its fundamental is consciousness does not reach the designated position, rules and the red line, the bottom line is not strong, if the concept is not reversed, the enterprise’s overall political and security is not guaranteed.By the secretary on the next step work the five requirements: one is, the pattern of group tour of the units under the inspector feedback problems, and puts forward the specific requirements for rectification;Second, four aspects by the inspector, the thorough awareness of production and business operation entity rules and the red line, the bottom line at the same time, strengthen the function of the rectification, the administrative department to strengthen the rules and regulations strictly and execute normative;Three is to comb from internal inspector reflects the outstanding and common problems, timely warning education held, based on the principle of have then change it have, then add to encourage, maximum internal inspector work done;Four team members to according to the division of labor is to strengthen the regulation and supervision of grassroots efforts;Fifth, for the rest of the units this year to do a complete coverage of the inspector, to constantly sum up experience, standardize and perfect the inspector work form content, stick to the four key, the inspector, rectification and improve continuously, stand at the height of political, effectively improve enterprise management level and management efficiency.

the meeting also clues to patrol inspection group feedback problem has carried on the report.