Hebei langfang equipment manufacturing industry exposition 2017 packaged

Published on 2019-07-02

A few days ago, & other;2017 hebei & bull;Langfang throughout the equipment manufacturing industry expo &;(hereinafter referred to as “&” otherEquipment exhibition & throughout;)In langfang international convention and exhibition center.Activities sponsored by ccpit, hebei province, hebei province ministry hall, ccpit langfang, langfang city bureau of industry and to undertake, langfang convention and exhibition co., LTD to undertake, mechanical and electrical products distribution association, China mechanical engineering society of Beijing, tianjin mechanical engineering society, in collaboration with the hebei province machinery industry association, etc.The equipment exhibition in & other;Smart upgrade, high-end rise & throughout;As the theme, to build & other;No.1 beijing-tianjin-hebei equipment manufacturing & throughout;As the goal, use & other;Special BBS, science and technology exhibition, demonstration experience & throughout;Trinity office will concept, make policy interpretation, information release, high-end dialogue, experience sharing, achievements exhibition, technical exchanges, product promotion, investment promotion and capital introduction, which integrates advanced manufacturing exchanges and cooperation platform, in order to promote the equipment manufacturing industry in hebei province quality efficiency upgrades.The exposition exhibition area of 18000 square meters, mainly in automation equipment, laser cutting, intelligent robot, machine tool is given priority to, display the new products, new technology, new ideas, looking forward to the equipment manufacturing industry & otherIntelligent, green, extraordinary, integration, service & throughout;The trend of future development.The exhibition gathers & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;: laser, dalian machine tool plant, the first batch of key support of baoji machine tool, domestic brands such as uplift force group, and the world’s largest specializing in the production of factory automation equipment and robot integrated manufacturer & other;Fanuc & throughout;, the leading power and automation technology in the field of global company & other;ABB”The world’s top companies such as more than 160 high-end equipment manufacturing companies.By kinnock, well versed in laser, laser: laser, carved division, China and the United States, the laser metal cutting and processing pavilion of companies such as high-end equipment demonstration has received the attention of numerous visitors, become a major highlight of this equipment exhibition.The equipment exhibition is held for the second time, in the BBS of professional degree, the number of exhibitors and level is the first have greatly increased, a total of reception to attend, visiting professionals in more than 3000 people.The current equipment exhibition exhibition of beijing-tianjin-hebei region with many years history, compared to the same type of exhibition in the exhibition scale, the level of exhibitors, visitors, professionalism has obvious advantages over the same period activity.The equipment exhibition at the same time also hosted the langfang & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Peak BBS & ndash;& ndash;Sheet metal forming BBS, langfang & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Peak BBS & ndash;& ndash;Automotive stamping BBS and other activities.Total of ccpit in hebei province, hebei province ministry hall, the China association of automobile manufacturers, China association of environmental protection machinery and other industries association leadership, the expert inside course of study, Italy sarwar quick Nineveh, Germany, Japan amada, kawasaki heavy industries of Japan, people’s electrical appliances, northern cape electrical, Winston group, shenyang, dalian, Shanghai a forging machine tool, zte westfield nc in jiangsu, Shanghai Volkswagen, jianghuai automobile, head of the leading entrepreneurs and owned companies, such as a total of more than 400 people attended, docking and technical communication with upstream and downstream enterprises topic to lead a new direction for metal processing industry development, and create a set of product display, technological learning and equipment sales in the integration of one-stop mutual win-win platform.The equipment exhibition in tissue exhibitors at the same time, focus on the purchaser invited, efforts to build fair and purchasing cooperation platform, show effectiveness greatly strengthened, is conducive to the exhibition to the healthy development of specialization and marketization.Host will also organize the key at the same time to take this opportunity to fair to attend an on-the-spot investigation the exhibitors for zhuhai’s investment environment and the related enterprises, further expand the exchanges and cooperation with each other.Exhibitors have said, langfang, as concentrated at the center of the mechanical processing industry, because of the market is the largest market share in north enterprise, along with the equipment exhibition held will expand the market of the enterprise sales of equipment to provide a steady stream of energy, as well as langfang plunder intelligent manufacturing, modern upgrade opportunities brought fresh blood, in-depth introduction of langfang in the field of mechanical power, promote local level of modern equipment manufacturing enterprises.(the original title: & other;Hebei langfang equipment manufacturing industry exposition 2017 & throughout;MSC) (source: Beijing)