2017 China kunshan opened into the intersection Intelligent manufacturing equipment supply and demand two prosperous

Published on 2018-03-27

By China’s ministry of commerce, ccpit and jiangsu provincial people’s government hosted the 2017 China (kunshan) brand products import trade fair in jiangsu kunshan kicks off on May 17th, 729 companies from 43 countries and regions.Japan’s kawasaki vehicle simulation of the production line, Germany’s Siemens 4.0 laboratory, denso auto parts industrial automation production line & hellip;& hellip;17 kicks off the 2017 China (kunshan) brand products import trade fair (hereinafter referred to as “into the SEC), two of the world’s cutting-edge intelligent manufacturing equipment supply and demand.Past China (kunshan) brand products import trade fair field by China’s ministry of commerce, ccpit and jiangsu province people’s government hosted the 2017 China (kunshan) brand products import trade fair in jiangsu kunshan kicks off on May 17th, from 43 countries and regions, 729 companies, Germany library card, Japan fanuc and yaskawa robot manufacturing, welding high order fields such as enterprise all appearance.High-profile intelligent manufacturing area is subdivided into automation and industrial robot, metal processing, key parts such as optimization show theme pavilions.Amazing intelligent factories were moved into the pavilion, sentiment roof.Kawasaki robot with vision for the future’s vision of a production line, shows the set of welding, arc welding, FSJ (new welding method) welding technology as one of the car body simulation production line.& other;FSJ welding technology is the first time in China.Throughout the &;Kawasaki robot (kunshan) co., LTD., chairman of sano said, seize the opportunity for China’s rapid economic development, kawasaki in the automotive industry, robot, and other fields are involved, estimated to sell 6000 units this year ontology robot, and the parts will all realize localization procurement.The future, kunshan robots will supply the global market.In the sixth year to participate in into the SEC’s new best in science and technology co., LTD., jiangsu first exhibition with foreign products agents, is now with r&d processing center, products are exported to foreign countries.Chairman of the board of directors of the company Dong Xiaojun confidently introduce the independent research and development production of nc machine tools, robots, & other;At least for the enterprise reduce the cost of 20% to 30%.Promote innovation ability, product than the same products in Europe with 30% of the price advantage.Throughout the &;Into the intersection location, jiangsu province, is the largest manufacturing and foreign trade big province, according to statistics, nearly five years, import and export amount more than $500 billion a year.Jiangsu enterprise investment project has covered & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;Along the 54 countries.Into SEC, for manufacturing agglomeration in jiangsu international innovation resources, and promote industrial technology innovation ability construction, to speed up the industrial transformation and upgrading, the comparative advantages of textile, building materials and other traditional industries, as well as photovoltaic (pv), machinery and equipment and other high-end manufacturing can also borrow boat out to sea, to speed up & other;Go out & throughout;.(the original title: 2017 China kunshan into SEC: intelligent manufacturing absorb eyes and gold) (source: China news)