With a variety of solutions at 2017 China international robot exhibition

Published on 2019-07-02

July 5-8, the 6th China international robot exhibition held in Shanghai, industrial automation, led manufacturers in with its classic DRS40L industrial SCARA robot, DRS60L series, series vertical multi-joint industrial robots DRV90L wonderful appearance.At the same time, as to the advantage of the agriculture industry for many years, no industrial application and process requirements, dynamic display truss type manipulator control solutions, high-speed sorting display line solution, and the robot control solutions, stacker solution, etc.Figure 1 in the 6th China international robot exhibition, industrial automation, led display manufacturers in industrial SCARA robot DRS40L, DRS60L series, vertical multi-joint industrial robot DRV90L series and truss type manipulator control solutions, such as high speed sorting display line solution & otherIndustrial robot industry is a fast growing emerging industry, is very important for future production and social development.Compared with Europe, America, Japan and other advanced countries, China’s industrial robot using low density.In the government’s policy guidance, the development of China’s huge market and industrial robots space.Throughout the &;In group, dentsu robot product development in the product manager in Jiang Zhenmin said: in the field of industrial automation has deep for more than 20 years and offers its robot product research and development of important technical accumulation, has significant advantages in terms of integration of robot performance.& other;Although in industrial robot products on the market in 2016, but had been in the factory before officially launched internal application for several years, through the test of practice and perfect.At present, in market oriented industrial SCARA robot DRS40L series, DRS60L series, has developed a very mature application solutions, able to quickly accurately completed plug-in, assembly, lock screw, transfer, handling, packaging and other operations.Throughout the &;Figure 2 show the audience look carefully in the solution of the exhibition, in the main display window for: vertical multi-joint robot DRV90L series: design is concise and bright, can be a multi-angle, multitasking operation, can satisfy the consumer electronics, electronic machine, rubber and plastic, packaging, machine tools, metal processing industries such as demand, realize the plug-in, lock screw, assembling, glue, solder, transfer, stack, inspection, loading and other flexible processing, is indispensable to intelligent production line Angle.Level of multi-joint robot DRS40L \/ 60 series: with superior speed, accuracy, linearity and verticality performance, can provide from sensors to control function, can adapt to the component and hole deviation between can accurately completed quickly plug-in, assembly, coating, packing and so on homework, help enterprises to boost productivity.Truss type manipulator control solution: the scheme of computer controller + ASDA – A2 + ECMA servo series high speed and high precision servo motor as the control core, contains all the hardware scheme and software program, as well as the peripheral automation control.This scheme fully consider the ease of use, to end customer for teaching interface, safe operation and so on all is optimized, can for customers personalized requirements, equipment operate interface changes.High-speed sorting display line solution: control core of the scheme for ASDA – MS da machine drive control machine series, with absolute type high speed and high precision servo motor, in the visual system, for sorting, to produce the product line speed through a stage of the integrity of the robotic solutions and high efficiency.Robot control solution: integration of the industrial robot controller with high performance servo drive itinerary and highly efficient robot control and drive machine includes a handheld controller HMC, ASDA – MS robot drive control machine, and teach box, etc.Built-in different types of industrial robot mode, meet different application requirements, can be rapid integration system peripherals.Stacker crane solution: stacker robot application solutions to contextualized to guide design, support a variety of palletizing robot model, layout and the path free combination, agile diversity, can save the trouble of repeated teaching.(the original title: with a variety of solutions at 2017 China international robot exhibition) (source: dentsu co., LTD.)