2017 China international exhibition on die mould technology and equipment, its great light Eva will be there with seiko weapon exhibition

Published on 2018-03-27

By China mould industry association and Shanghai international exhibition co., LTD., jointly organized & other;2017 China international exhibition on die & mould technology and equipment, throughout the &;, will be on June 13 2017 solstice on June 16 in Shanghai new international expo center (pudong) grand opening.As an authority on China’s mold industry annual event, the exhibition by the national association of local mould and mould concentrated area and industry organization support at home and abroad.As Taiwan grinder market leading technology, with a number of independent intellectual property rights of high-tech machine tool enterprise, the great light Eva machinery co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “& other;Great light Eva & throughout;)Good appearance will be there with the latest products and technologies, believe that there will be live professional audience and each big industry the focus of media attention.The exhibition will be & other;Cooperation and promote lean manufacturing, mold development and prototyping & throughout;, on the theme of the exhibition area of more than 60000 square meters.E1 – E5 pavilion pavilion five linkage, from Switzerland, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Italy, France and so on nearly 20 countries and regions around thousands of exhibitors from exhibition, the audience is expected to more than 90000 people.As the industry well-known enterprises in our country, great light Eva will be there with its four star product, the booth number is: E2 – B082.In 2017, & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Comprehensive start, at the same time & other;4.0 throughout & industry;Intelligent has had the world in a new round of technological revolution.In the era of the big bang, big light Eva with era pace, leading the industry trend, adhere to the high-end positioning, pay attention to product technology research and development and innovation.Great light Eva has extremely high market acuity, since the nearly 20 years of development, the company always walk in the forefront of the innovation and development, bold innovation in product technology, positive breakthrough.The event, great light Eva is done sufficient preparation, during the exhibition, large light Eva will through efficient produce products processing, the characteristics of form a complete set of intelligent seize person eyeball, show different charm of the high-tech products.The exhibition launched on CNC cylindrical grinder and T – 1224 CNC internal grinder OIG – 150, it represents the great light Eva in & other;Intelligent mechanical & throughout;Development achievements.Among them, the CNC cylindrical grinder T – 1224 in the manual type retention characteristics of the cylindrical grinding machine at the same time, carry the high performance CNC system, can save time in the process of programming.Collocation graphics dialogue type operation interface and shortcut button of the side of the embedded, can use a single bond in memory with the rubbing position, let the machinery quickly back to the starting point, fast cutting and a series of design, let T – 1224 can through the simple operation can change the processing order and processing parameter of storage and correction, applicable to the variety and small batch production parts.These innovative designs for T – 1224 operation is very simple and fast, make the operation personnel to adapt to new intelligent machine and running in time also greatly shorten, improve the production efficiency of workpiece processing.CNC cylindrical grinder will accompany the CNC cylindrical grinder T T – 1224-1224 exhibition of another kind of intelligent equipment CNC internal grinder OIG – 150 is a great light Eva developed a new generation of high precision, high efficiency production of machine tool, mainly used in the basin of teeth and large bearing ring parts, cylindrical and conical hole grinding, cylindrical grinding, inner hole and face.This machine tool system programming function is strong, simple to operate, and has many special features to adapt to the requirements of grinding, can meet the needs of the users for a variety of parts processing.OIG – 150 the circle grinding are completed automatically, the operator only artifacts, installation and the work spindle and inner circular grinding, cylindrical grinding head adopt oil mist lubrication, to guarantee the accuracy of the inner hole and end face.CNC internal grinder OIG – 150, according to a great light Eva the controller introduces, in addition to the above two star CNC grinding machine, great light Eva will also carry two bear power products at the exhibition, together they are transverse cylindrical grinder OCD – 3235 – a with delicate cylindrical grinder X – 6, is representing the great light Eva industry strength of seiko weapon.These two machines are in stable operation, implementation artifacts is famous for its high precision machining, including transverse cylindrical grinder OCD – 3235 – a used inclined into type of grinding wheel and independent hydraulic and lubrication system, such as static pressure type slide rail parts carry on high precision ball wheel, let the machine tool can achieve high precision positioning accuracy.Second, OCD – 3235 – a for cylindrical grinding and chosen hydrostatic bearings, excellent grinding to ensure the machining accuracy and machining process brings light, no friction, no fever, no metamorphism metal, etc.In addition, OCD – 3235 – a also implements the FANUC, SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI, etc fully adapt to the industry mainstream controller, provides customers with diversity of choices.Transverse cylindrical grinder OCD – 3235 – a and delicate cylindrical grinder – 6 X collocation of optical ruler (Hyde han 0.05 um resolution) feed accuracy is reached 0.0005 mm, and the grinding wheel spindle bearing type mining P4 level precision ball screw, Z axis in C1 level precision, X axis track by Japan THK heavy preloading precision level mining silver heavy preloading, Z axis rail precision level (RG series), and so on big, the design of the vision and great courage, strength shows this model is given priority to with precision machining function of the outstanding characteristics of grinding machine.Delicate cylindrical grinder X 6 conscientiously, strive for perfection, great light Eva is step by step toward a higher technical peaks.A breakthrough of the exhibition, again and again over and over again, on the way, great light Eva has been struggling, trying.There is reason to believe that big light Eva will be more brilliant tomorrow!At the same time in the coming of the 2017 China international exhibition on die & mould technology and equipment, we also look forward to great light Eva performance.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)