China (wenzhou) machinery and equipment exhibition will be held on October 13th grand launch!

Published on 2018-03-27

12 years precipitation, October, wenzhou international convention and exhibition center goes up!This & other;The 12th China (wenzhou) machinery and equipment exhibition & throughout;Window first: 1. The reliability & ndash;& ndash;Main host authority: wenzhou machinery exhibition by the China machinery industry federation, wenzhou municipal government jointly organized, wenzhou economic and information commission and wenzhou modern service industry investment group co., LTD., wenzhou international convention and exhibition centre to undertake.The authority of the main host to provide a solid backing, the exhibition has a reliability!2. Diversity & ndash;& ndash;Six points exhibition held in wenzhou machinery exhibition held & other;Nc machine tool exhibition & throughout;, & otherLaser exhibition & throughout;, & otherIndustrial robot exhibition & throughout;, & otherRubber products and equipment exhibition & throughout;, & otherFasteners throughout the spring exhibition &;, & otherPrinting and packaging exhibition & throughout;.Six points show rich exhibition content, expand the scale of the exhibition, the exhibition is more diversified.3. The productive & ndash;& ndash;Large group buyers group in organizing committee again & other;Visitors plan & throughout;, the organizers of the China machinery industry federation official post, manufacturing association, large groups throughout the country invited to wenzhou machinery exhibition.To this, the organizing committee to provide the most intimate of VIP service, preferential policies, such as for transportation, lunch allowance, trip to let visitors enjoy worry-free.4. Professional & ndash;& ndash;At the same time meeting exhibition combining spectacular & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;, & otherOne Belt And One Road & throughout;Such as the national development strategy and the current economic development of the industry to the development of quality and industry the new normal, launch & other;2017 China (wenzhou) high-end equipment manufacturing and intelligent development BBS & throughout;Professional conference, exhibition professional platform cohesion.5, richness & ndash;& ndash;Visit to the organizing committee of the large group launched special & other;Wenzhou machinery exhibition visit group purchasing activities & throughout;.Activity mainly through on-the-spot investigation of large group enterprises, and enterprises, equipment, head of the purchasing manager, marketing manager, production and r&d department head face to face communication, visit the production line, the learning corporate culture, to understand the needs of the large group purchasing equipment and process, the final feedback to wenzhou machinery exhibition the exhibitors.Zhejiang yalong education co., LTD., China yucai holding co., LTD., xing group, smooth letter machinery co., LTD.6 big pavilion;45000 square meters exhibition area;More than 500 brand;2017 equipment market new consumption hot spots!(source: China (wenzhou) machinery and equipment exhibition)