Shenyang machine tool and FengCheng to build intelligent manufacturing demonstration base of the northeast

Published on 2019-07-02

8 31, phoenix city people’s government and Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the Shenyang Machine Tool) signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will intelligent manufacturing sharing service platform, intelligent manufacture special industry fund and i5 intelligent demonstration plant, construction of 5 d smart valley project, build the northeast’s first demonstration base of intelligent manufacturing, make intelligent upgrade provides a template for liaoning.

5 d smart valley 20 hectares, total project planning land planning in the i5 intelligent equipment 2000 units (sets), after three years of industrial output value of 2 billion yuan.Will be on financing lease and the project by the hour, according to the number of artifacts, according to the value of sharing economic U2U business model, for the local and surrounding the supercharger and the transformation and upgrading of industries to provide advanced services such as car parts, and provide all-round support to business incubation and talents training, thus fundamentally optimization of fengcheng industry formats, to help local enterprises especially small and medium-sized enterprise core competitiveness.

, shenyang machine tool for project investment 1 billion yuan worth of i5 intelligent equipment, in accordance with the requirements for several injection;Provide the i5 system hardware and software of the intelligent equipment technology, set up the network intelligent cloud platform;Provide professional technical team, U2U sharing model, the stock of equipment replacement upgrade, provide a complete set of technical support and solutions, to ensure the timely and the update of the latest technology, equipment and equipment normal operation.By the end of 2018, the two sides will establish intelligent plant more than 10.

at the same time, the phoenix city people’s government will advance the mother 20 million yuan funds, through cooperation with financial institutions to expand fund 10 times, specially used for turbocharger and auto parts industry to support the loan.FengCheng city next to the needs of industrial development to invest 20 million yuan, shenyang machine tool investment 10 million yuan, will mother funds to expand to 50 million yuan, to further increase the intensity of support of related industries, mainly used for building fengcheng equipment upgrades, connection sharing, cloud manufacturing center, data center and innovation business training and other related business.

on the same day, the nation’s largest automobile driving axle half shaft production enterprise of liaoning tongda axis industry co., LTD. Signed a contract in 5 d smart valley.Learned, shenyang machine tool has been paired with a move to zhejiang, hubei and other places the government hand in hand to build five i5 valley of intelligent manufacturing project, service in auto parts, new energy vehicles, robots and other more than 10 industries.This year, shenyang machine tool is expected to build 10 valley of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing plan to 2020 a total of 32 valley.At present, is located in xinxiang, henan, liaoning yingkou, ningbo, zhejiang, jiangsu suzhou and other places of multiple intelligent manufacturing project in advance.