Anwar envoy automobile manufacturers have benefited

Published on 2019-07-02

For machining experts, the crankshaft machining can be said to be the metal in the champions league.A complete crankshaft is a very complicated structure, this structure through the absorption of connecting rod, converts linear motion of piston into rotary motion.Complete a focus as a result, the crankshaft function: it ensures that the engine power into torque, and then through the clutch torque to the transmission, again by transmission is passed to the drive wheels.This job requires precision is very high, because the action of the crankshaft can not have very low friction or friction.As a result, the crankshaft of different size and symmetrical rotating parts need different radius precision machining.There is almost no other requires in the field of the crankshaft machining request strictly.The crankshaft machining of the indexable insert used need to meet the various requirements of cutting.For example, a common requirement is to find a single feed at the same time within the short arc incision and long arc incision.Intermittent cutting happen very often.In addition, this process caused by the heat quantity is also the challenge for the future.As mentioned above, strict requirements for dimensional accuracy, especially the crankshaft, very thin in the manufacturing tolerance zone.In addition to the other advantages, coated with Tiger·Tec®Indexable insert of Gold coating has excellent surface wear resistance after the knife, formation of crack, plastic deformation resistance ability strong Walter experts believe that these grim overall condition is most suited to their new Walter Tiger·Tec®The practice of Gold indexable insert coating test.This kind of aluminum, titanium based on nitrogen (TiAlN) processing of the application of milling technology platform is considered to be a technological leap.Compared with the existing standard cutting tool material, it is obviously improve the coating performance.Therefore, its processing and high reliability, high productivity, greatly extend the service life of cutting tools.Part of the material, the popular because of its high hot hardness, the most suitable for rapid milling difficult-to-machine materials.Coated with Tiger·Tec®Gold coating of indexable insert after excellent knife less surface wear-resisting ability, formation of the crack, plastic deformation resistance ability.In addition, the scene of the first trial, walter experts confirmed that the service life of the cutter can be extended by 80%.On the other hand, in comparison with the traditional solutions, a new generation of cutting tool has increased markedly improved hardness is the secret of the proportion of aluminum.At present commonly used oxide coating mainly 60% ~ 65% and 60% ~ 65% of the aluminum alloy and titanium alloy.The proportion of aluminum alloy in TiAlN Tiger·Tec®Gold platform foundation, accounts for about 85%.Users can get the following benefits: longer service life of cutting tools;Due to the cutting edge is extremely tough, processing and high reliability;Because use golden top, wear more detection;Due to the visible wear rate is reduced, all cutting parameters can be optimized;Productivity is high.Walter engineer visited the major international car manufacturers production line, and in each application on the well-known manufacturers of machine tools they painted with Tiger·Tec®Gold coating of indexable insert.In the test, they have a large processing of cast iron and steel crankshaft crankshaft, and use the various processing concept, such as internal and external milling.The practice of trial manufacture more than ten of the crankshaft, including from the car engine crankshaft of 3 to 8 cylinder engine crankshaft to large trucks.Walter transportation and business and parts of application development manager Martin Janson said: & other;We in some cases by machine tool factory, we will introduce test tool production process and in other cases by analyzing user’s factory production line to introduce our testing tools.In the test, record all related parameters was analyzed, such as cutting speed, fracture, or signs of wear and tear, cycle time, piece cost, etc.Throughout the &;After the analysis, Janson and his team identified the need to use the technology: indexable insert substrate, coating and trough.& other;Our goal is to reduce the unit cost, if possible, will improve the processing and reliability.Our benchmark, compared with the benchmark solution, at least by 25%.I’m sure in any case can achieve this goal.Throughout the &;Use Tiger·Tec®After Gold, rose by an average of 25% performance, even managed to a maximum of 80%, it mainly through greatly extend the service life of cutter, shorten non-productive time and increase productivity.In any case, use the Tiger·Tec®Gold is able to reduce the unit cost.To achieve these improvements by excellent quality.After to evaluate commissioning, participate in the test production manager soon order deliver on their promises.After the test, four major car manufacturers is replaced by Walter Tiger·Tec®Gold on the crankshaft, then there’s the more the company intends to switch to their products.Martin Janson happily concluded: & other;We all progress smoothly.Throughout the &;(the original title: car manufacturers have benefited) (source: MM metal processing network)