The hk: first innovation will promote the development of science and technology

Published on 2019-07-02

“Made in China 2025”, is based on the current, transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, mass transfer efficiency, and put forward the strategic task of nine, five key projects, and a number of major policy initiatives;And long-term, coping with a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, around the advanced manufacturing and high-end equipment manufacturing, forward deployed the ten strategic areas of key breakthrough, paint manufacturing powerhouses of the grand blueprint for the next 30 years construction and road map of arrangement in advance.But with “made in China 2025” as the guidance, to borrow from, break through the bottleneck restriction, swallow the limit board, to shoulder to support China’s manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading of the national economy, the great historical mission, spanning development to realize mass transfer efficiency, a fundamental shift from large to strong.2017 ciros & amp;During SIAS, Beijing hundred special technology co., LTD. General manager Mr Wang Ting friends said in an interview: & other;Made in China under the policies of 2025, the first half of 2017, the hk’s sales revenue compared with a year earlier for the steady growth, which at the same time with the hk special products of continuous innovation and perfect after-sales service and user support is inseparable for a long time.Throughout the &;The bayi, on the basis of the original industrial robot research and development manufacturing, combined with market demand, ongoing product innovation, take advantage of their years in the field of logistics technology, combination palletizing robot and the application of the integrated automation system in the market for many years experience and intelligent three-dimensional warehouse logistics technology, to create the wisdom of the new factory as the company’s long-term strategic objectives, to implement step by step.The robot exhibition, “hundred exhibit with boxes and bags of palletizing robot as the core logistics automation production line, the robot through the visual identification system, realize the pallet is not the same products.Among them, the bag packaging stacking line controlled by PLC program, on the whole production process automatic control, which can realize continuous operation, has a fault alarm, display and automatic stop function continuous lock.At the same time, the robot has a triple limit protection security mechanism, can the real-time intelligent monitoring the production of goods position and remote diagnosis network management.Suitable for all kinds of packaging bags, paper bags, plastic bags and woven bag packaging code automatically.Widely used in petroleum chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, feed, food and building materials industries, which can realize grain material, block material, powder products such as weighing, packaging, palletizing process automation.And class pallet packing production line is through smart program control to automatic control of the whole working process of the production line, similar technical characteristics, and dailey palletizing production lines are suitable for automatic packaging of various kinds of sorting packing palletizing needs.Widely used in food, meat, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, food and logistics industry, such as product packaging inspection until the palletizing process automation.Thanks to the advancement of chinese-made 2025 strategic industry robot has a broad market space, both opportunities and challenges, however, a large number of low-end market competition, also makes the industry development on the verge of a bottleneck.As China’s market robot by the big teams, the demand of the domestic users are constantly changing, for example, the original user focus on robot ontology has gradually transferred to the attention to automation integration;Originally concerned about the product price, gradually shifted to focus on product quality.As robot research and development manufacturing enterprise, only by strengthening the technical innovation constantly, and to a high degree of system integration, to provide users with the overall solution, in order to meet the demand of users to upgrade.As a national high and new technology enterprise, the hk based on long-term, as early as 2012 in the field of artificial intelligence, Internet of things two row of strikers.Currently, hundred of palletizing robot has been widely services in feed, food, chemical industry, building materials, medicine and other fields, the Internet of things of related products are successfully applied to all the institutions of higher learning education system, with many colleges and universities nationwide for countries to cultivate a batch of and a number of utility model and technical personnel.Future the hk will the artificial intelligence and the Internet of things system integration, combined the technology of big data, to create new wisdom factory as a strategic focus for the future development of enterprises.The bayi, provide to the user is not only a product, but also from the pre-sale started a complete set of technical services, including the whole equipment use period of long-term service.In the next few years, the hk will provide overall intelligent logistics system solutions as a key market, continuously meet the needs of more users.The bayi, also will continue to be in line with & other;Powered by intelligent technology to continuous innovation and development & throughout;The idea, the revitalization of the national science and technology industry.(the original title: first innovation of science and technology promote the development of) (source: MM “modern manufacturing”)