Open innovation Multivariate sharing: the 18th set jia international machinery exhibition (2017) ended

Published on 2018-03-27

By the China machinery industry federation, the national defense science and technology industry information center, the chongqing economic and information commission, chongqing municipal jia convention and exhibition co., LTD., as well as more than 20 Midwest provinces city such as chongqing, sichuan, guizhou, hubei major industry association jointly organized & other;Throughout the 18th set jia international machinery exhibition (2017) &;On May 25 to 28, was successfully held in chongqing international expo center.On a four-day exhibition, from the United States, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and so on more than 10 countries, and China’s Hong Kong, Taiwan and other domestic more than 20 provinces and cities in more than 1000 well-known enterprises to attend the exhibition, exhibition area of 78000 square meters, the scale on display is last year’s 10% growth.Display various types of metal-cutting machine tools, industrial automation equipment and robot, casting die casting and heat treatment, sheet metal equipment and products, rubber and packaging, industrial park, features, etc., at the same time new defense intelligence manufacturing, such as high precision aluminum processing projects.Around the car manufacturing, and national defense\/aerospace, sheet metal, mold, and other fields, more than 30 games related topics communication meeting, activities, take turns.Attract the masses of Chinese manufacturing enterprises to come to the exhibition from the western region, nonlocal enterprise group to visit.By the statistics, from chongqing, sichuan, guizhou and other provinces and cities 31773 professional visitors and buyers to site visit procurement, last year’s 5.6% growth.Thousands on skills, smart plan to attract more professional visitors in 2016, much starker choices-and graver consequences-in perfect start, reversing the trend, the economic situation a foregone conclusion, the economy rebounded in the first quarter of 2017 the first half of the industrial production as a whole.Since much starker choices-and graver consequences-in opening, to maintain sustained and rapid development of chongqing economy, 2016 gross industrial output value reached 2.6 trillion yuan, chongqing industrial output growth of 10.3%.Automobile and electronic two big pillar industry, continuously for local industrial growth contribution rate reached 55%.Machinery industry regulations on enterprise realize industrial output 230.3 billion yuan, accounting for 9.6% of the industry, achieve sales of 224.5 billion yuan, an increase of 10.9%.As & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Full implementation, speeds up the industrial transformation and upgrading, and promote the development of intelligent become focus, drive corporate demand for the development of industrial economy growth, to expand the market purchasing power.Jia as the western machinery and equipment industry event, provide cooperation development platform for industry, advanced equipment to compete, purchasing business opportunities to attract more enterprises to visit the exhibition.The exhibition hall N1 and N3, belong to the metal-cutting machine tool pavilion.Yamazaki mazar-e-sharif grams, fanuc (,) and citizen, GF processing scheme, the sea, kang, wei, li chi, goodway, magnus hedman, omar, Edward, Persia, dongtai, fast, accurate, juki group, the prius, Qiao Feng, wines, igawa hon, Long ze, Abraham kuyper, Beijing electromechanical courtyard, southern anhui, neway, huge higher participation, and intelligent manufacturing solutions.In N1 pavilion yamazaki mazar-e-sharif, brought a high-performance 5-axis linkage composite processing machine, deal with a variety of workpiece processing horizontal machining center, vertical machining center and configuration SMOOTH system double spindle of CNC lathe and so on multiple devices.GF processing scheme in N1 pavilion display the latest starting FORM E 350 precision CNC edm machine tool with WPT1 on, forming a complete set of flexible manufacturing cell.Modern power and mechanical live demonstration high-end five axis machining center, high speed, high rigidity, large amount of knife tool change fast characteristics such as many in the industry to visit consultation.Sea, kang show advanced automation detection scheme will help more efficient, intelligent production automobile manufacturing industry.Citizen, and yongjin (li chi, also known live demonstration of advanced equipment, the most intuitive display product performance, attract a large audience stop to visit.In hall N2 defense intelligence manufacturing pavilion and N5 pavilion industrial automation, industry\/tool pavilion, attract the ABB, “grant, panasonic, Michael Bates, wide, TV and other robot manufacturing enterprises exhibitors.Method such as rice, Kane emperor, center, Iraq, ever better and other automation related enterprises with product display.In particular, in hall N2 defense intelligence manufacture exhibition, Siemens, huawei, China 3, shenzhou digital, PTC, dassault, dawn, merrill lynch data, refine, sharp and other international well-known enterprise.In work\/tool exhibition area, attract into quantity, work, surplus, refined exhibition, general gesac measures are useful, is heyuan, and other enterprises.Shenyang machine tool with optimal loch provide enterprises with the whole life cycle of intelligent manufacturing solutions, and make the enterprise of industrial service housekeeper.In the field of industrial automation and robot more than intelligent solution of perfection, high-profile robot flexible performance.The exhibition audience in hall N2 ship booth with robots to play chess;In a wide number of booth view GSK RB165 robot and fast grab auto parts;Watching TV JR612 following, automatic change for the new sand paper full polishing application demonstration.Rev. Sail stamping line performances such as translation, rotation and tilt, social science intelligent complete appearance and warehousing logistics solution.Fanuc, Siemens, ABB, library card, “grant, leading companies such as shi mai, this exposition, an intelligent manufacturing.Die casting, aluminum casting, machining and mould category, exhibited in the N7 pavilion.In die casting, buhler, force strength, dense, rich, full of to, union rise and sharp of magnesium, aluminum, Oriental, teng, Shapiro Turk, plateau, and to tell to get new products exhibition.Die casting giant buhler together with the latest development of domestic economy die-casting machine Ecoline S debut exhibition, force strength group, and combining the ABB show automatic intelligent solutions, attract many professional buyers both at home and abroad, the secret H series heavy-duty die-casting machine experience debut set jia, difficult on the automobile, 3 c die casting.Chongqing casting industry association organized boutique castings pavilion, also attract more than 20 casting enterprises to participate in the show.Called & other;The mother of industrial & throughout;The mold industry, the exhibition scale growth above 30%, and FengChang, YongSheng, Japan’s son (Hitachi), such as mold enterprise dress for a win.Aluminum deep processing show at the first time by the Chinese aluminum industry association’s strong support, famous aluminum processing equipment and materials maker parker, tianchen, metalworking, day ti lung, coward, oprah di industrial zone, tiger, sinotrans, beichuan, accounting for the metal, and other enterprises.Laser processing field in recent years are more widely used in automotive, electronic industry, the exhibition can attract tide, PuRuiMa, chutian, di, macro mountain, the newsletter radium, parkson, high-energy, jia tai laser equipment manufacturing enterprises such as appearance N8 pavilion laser area.But can laser processing 6000 mm & times;2000 mm super wide plank G6020F high power fiber laser cutting machine, PuRuiMa 8 generation high speed laser cutting machine cutting speed of 100 m\/min, rapid radium 8000 w high power laser cutting machine, automatic up-down material exchange platform of laser cutting machine, etc.At the same time, on display at the museum include shaddick, campaigns, hua fang, Yang forging, jinfeng, walter, gold Australia such as stamping, sheet metal processing, special processing type enterprises.BBS theme pavilion day into characteristics, industry gathering on the exhibition to automobile manufacturing, national defense, aerospace, sheet metal, mold topics such as category, set up the pavilion day, get a positive response of the audience and exhibitors.More than 30 different themes, rich in content industry conference held at the same time.Leading authority in the field of experts, scholars and industry people gathered in jia exhibition, build technology exchange platform, strengthen communication, interaction and cooperation in the industry.On May 25 at automotive theme and communications, held & other;Throughout China (chongqing) intelligent manufacturing international BBS &;, & otherThe 12th national laser industry BBS & throughout;, & otherThroughout 2017 BBS & die-casting technology development in western China;Topics such as BBS, at the same time, yuhuan machine chongqing seminar, GF processing technology exchange meeting, Taiwan irreverent comedy & amp;SIEMENS numerical control system of joint promotion seminar is held on the automotive theme and communications.Held during the period of automobile theme and communications buffet, Ceng Li shore President of chinalco association made & other;Application in automobile lightweight aluminum share & throughout;One machine etc, tianjin also during dinner to communicate the theme, from 128 companies in the field of automobile manufacturing technology and equipment procurement, head of the buffet.Held on May 26, a theme and communications on national defense, aerospace, national defense science, technology and industry information & other host in2017 8th military communication throughout the conference & digital manufacturing technology;To attract top ten military group related units as well as the China academy of engineering physics.For the aluminum association and China & other;The second aluminum deep processing and high precision BBS & throughout;Got the deep processing of aluminum processing and manufacturing enterprises, enterprises, equipment, industrial park, such as response, attracting more than 270 people attended;During the meeting held in aluminum deep processing business fields, provides business supply and demand communication platform for the relevant unit.On the theme of 26, and communications, also held & other;The fifth industrial robot and intelligent manufacturing technology BBS & throughout;, & otherThroughout China’s intelligent manufacturing business conference &;, & otherThe 4th industrial automation and digital factory technical transformation project discussion & throughout;, & otherThe Chinese society of these pressure processing of 2017 academic convention & throughout;, and fanuc, Siemens and other theme communication meeting.During the day at the buffet meeting, avic chengdu made & other nc processing plant,S-shaped specimen & throughout;& ndash;Used for five-axis linkage machine tool precision inspection report the theme of the free surface of specimen;Xiangyang city, hubei province economic and information commission equipment Peng Tao, director of the office & otherGiving full play to the advantages of military industry, planning aviation industry layout & throughout;As the theme, this paper introduces the xiangyang aviation industry planning;Chengdu prius, also introduced the new products at the meeting.From China science city, avic, jiao airlines, guihang, your day, such as national defense industry, aerospace, weapons, and other fields more than 100 enterprises on behalf of the participant.On May 27 for comprehensive themes and communications, mainly for sheet metal, mold and other industries.Held on the theme day & other;2017 China & middot;Throughout western BBS & mould industry development;, get the support of China mold and die industry association, and the mould industry association in chongqing and sichuan province mould industry association, the mould industry association of chengdu, chengdu economic and technological development zone mould industry association, etc.Meeting invitation to haier mould, polly root, changan, delay the peak Johnson, the Chinese academy of sciences, 3 d Systems, such as speech, from chongqing, sichuan and other provinces and cities of mold industry more than 500 people attend the meeting.By vertical jia exhibition held by the organizer & other;2017 machinery manufacturing professional engineer experience exchange meeting & throughout;, held in 27th afternoon, meeting invitation equipment manufacturing, machine tools, general in the field of aviation, automobile, etc, and related industry engineer has carried on the exchange of experience and experience sharing.Sponsored by the chengdu sheet metal industry association & other;Yangtze river delta manufacturing companies throughout ccpit & coordination;, invited to all parts of the country to attend such as sheet metal association, production enterprises, and the regional cooperation and supporting industries and has carried on the butt.On the same day also held & other;The first western manufacturing logistics and supply chain innovation peak BBS & throughout;, & otherChongqing association of heat treatment industry throughout the third general assembly & four;Such as meeting.Held comprehensive theme day buffet, also attracted to the mold, sheet metal, and other enterprises.Through various topics, held meetings, activities, attract different areas such as production, study and research the participation of the enterprises.Such as the 2017 China (chongqing) international intelligent manufacturing BBS attract IBM, asustek computer, changan, SAP, hikvision, intelligence and other international well-known enterprises to participate in the speech.Sponsored by the laser processing of Chinese optical society professional committee of the 12th national laser processing BBS, attracting more than a dozen industry pundits, attending the meeting also invited to pass fast, chutian, PuRuiMa, south China university of technology, general motors, the valley laser, China faw, league win automobile industry well-known enterprises such as theme report.Considerate service, to promote the exhibition audience growth on the preparation and invite audience and other related work is unique, not only to establish a high level, professional and other westernSanxin BBS & throughout;, also launched 4000 active purchasing enterprises acquisition plan, network plan, etc., at the same time improve the jia think-tank, give full play to the fine technical advisory role, for the industry to provide technical troubleshooting services, build technology exchange platform.At the same time, strengthen the professional audience’s invitation, intensify business invitation with foreign and scope, more comprehensive audience invited to work.And to replace the original fine night, with the theme and communications, daily to professional audience as the main body, exhibitors and related units to participate in the networking dinner, 200-300 people daily invited, promote exchanges and cooperation with the industry.Refine the exhibition services, group of audience size increases, the exhibition transformation technology exchange platform produced results, at the same time all kinds of meetings, but also increased the daily traffic.This exhibition audience regional distribution over 31773 professional audience, visitors mainly from chongqing, guizhou, sichuan, yunnan, shanxi and other provinces and cities.The chongqing area of professional audience are heavier, 80.7%;Sichuan region accounted for 9.5% of the total number of audience, although more than the previous 20% growth, but there is still potential for further exploration and mining.Guizhou and other regional audience accounted for 9.8%.Audience by sector coming to visit the exhibition business includes automobile and motorcycle vehicle and parts manufacturing, aerospace, instrumentation, electrical and electronic, education, sheet metal, materials and other industries.Automobile, motorcycle and spare parts manufacturing industry has accounted for 42%, is the exhibition of its main sources of the audience;Machinery manufacturing consists of general machinery in areas such as users, accounting for 11%;Enterprise in the field of aerospace, national defense, accounting for 6%;Mold industry accounted for 12%;Instrument and meter industry accounted for 5%;Education and scientific research institutes (3%);Communications industry accounted for 2%;Shipping and home appliances accounted for 14%;The other 5%.On the investigation and the main purpose of the audience through the show has a number of enterprises purchasing intention is as high as 31%, learn about new products and new technology enterprises accounted for 36%, seek project negotiation (10%), collecting information and access to new enterprises accounted for 18%, other visiting purpose accounted for 5%.Chongqing casting association, the association of forging machinery manufacturing, chengdu chamber of commerce visitors visitors mould industry association, sichuan, chengdu by the open area visitors, chengdu sheet metal mold association federation visitors visitors, dazhou, nanchong visitors, green god machinery manufacturing industry, and visitors, day j airline, avic chengdu, changan automobile, changan industry, wangjiang, jialing, construction, nine yuan, CLP jinjiang, waffer industry, take industry, navigation, aviation, Wan Jiang aviation, YongGong, your bank, and so on a large number of enterprises to visit the exhibition, communication technology, procurement of equipment, the exhibition site popularity now.Chinese military enterprise research institutes of science and technology city visitors, organized from changhong electronics, jiuzhou electronic, huafeng enterprise group, east of material science and technology, mianyang in the rich seiko and China academy of engineering physics, China aerodynamics research and development center, Air China in sichuan gas turbines and southwest university of science and technology institute and other dozens of units, the director of the leadership, equipment, electrical and mechanical technology personnel and machine dimension association member in electrical and mechanical experts, professors, and hundreds of people come to visit chongqing exhibition, at the same time to participate in related technical exchange activities.WenGuoTai deyang city federation of industry and machinery manufacturing trade chamber of commerce, vice President, said the exhibition display equipment advanced, obviously improve the high-end, intelligent, dated the machinery industry manufacturers all over the country.Cooperation with jia show time, the size and positioning of ascension, as the show organizes to group the size of the audience in the same period of expansion, reshipment visitors with the exhibition deyang organized more than 140 people in the industry to visit the exhibition tour, more than 25% increase from the previous.2017 annual state cup – best craftsmen campaign was successfully held in order to better improve the industry participation enthusiasm, active atmosphere of manufacturing industry, create favorable conditions for manufacturing innovation, the development of intelligent, 2017 campaign was held successfully made fine cup – best craftsmen, network selection votes a total of 1305979 votes.Sichuan pushtun mould processing center senior technician Peng Chengmin get & other;Vertical jia & middot;Best originality & throughout;Award, chongqing changan industrial electrician technician AnJiDong, changan automobile company maintenance electrician Chen Haobo, big Jiang Jiexin distinguished expert Chen gang get & other;Vertical jia & middot;The craftsman ambassador & throughout;Prize, chongqing wangjiang industry machining center operator Xue-song li, power construction welding technical experts Zhao Hualin, construction NDT welding skills teacher Chen Rongbi & other;Vertical jia & middot;Do not provide craftsmanship & throughout;Prize, chongqing chongqing jiang automatic die casting production line monitor Yuan Longyi and heavy gear CNC machining center technician Xiao-qiang Yang, suggested that master mold die-casting mold assembly Lv Jin 20 contestants who is obtained, such as awards held in extension, activities for the industry set up craftsman image, and bring more businesses to participate in the exhibition.Many interactive activities, improve industry participation made fine cup & middot;The second 2017 network & other attracts the most attention;Good China machine tool & throughout;Enterprise brand campaign and on May 26, a successful ending during the activity, the selection page, more than 4.48 million in metal cutting machine tools, forging machine, laser cutting, edm wire cutting, carving machine, machine tool accessories accessories, cutting tool, industrial robot eight categories were voted the most concern & other;Top & throughout;Enterprise, baoji machine tool, shenyang machine tool, jinan clips, Wisconsin, di can laser carved, rapid laser laser, Beijing, chengdu into a volume, wide sea, kang, number, and the sail, and so on enterprise won prizes.Activities for two months, a total of more than 500 machine tool industry companies through the activity platform is revealed to industry enterprise style and new technology products, preheat the exhibition in advance at the same time, for the exhibition to attract more professional visitors.At the same time, during the exhibition site lottery, small business and ccpit, expert visits and other activities held in the same period, improving the exhibition, exhibitors interactive with the audience, at the same time create more cooperation opportunities.Smart update and innovation to meet the future of jia exhibition held on May 26, in the three years planning talkfest, vertical jia convention and exhibition co., LTD. General manager Mr Chan announced that since 2018, & other;Set up jia international machinery exhibition (& throughout;Will officially changed its name to & other;Set up jia international intelligent equipment exhibition & throughout;.The exhibition is changed its name to better response & otherThroughout 2025 & made in China;, & otherOne Belt And One Road & throughout;Such as national development strategy.Upgraded jia international intelligent equipment exhibition, will be at a higher starting point, closer to the market positioning, a comprehensive display of intelligent equipment and technology.Two-way integration of resources both at home and abroad, to promote the domestic and foreign enterprises.Powered by communication meeting at the same time, the shifting towards a greater focus on the audience’s demand for services, all-round meet the manufacturing industry enterprise, such as product development, technological innovation needs.To plan as a whole, for the industry to build a mutually beneficial and win-win products, technology exchange platform, promote international communication and trade between the enterprise, make made Carrie exhibition of expanding into the region’s economic development, leading the industry development.In the 18 years, and, do not abandon, win in cooperation.19th jia international intelligent equipment exhibition in new, is willing to work with the vast number of new and old friends to intelligent era, create a new tomorrow.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)