New path extension of foreign trade exports Jia speed high

Published on 2019-05-15

Recently, the guangzhou jia speed precision machinery co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “speed precision machine”) in the production of high-grade intelligent machining center product batch export to Europe again, continued weakness in the economic downturn, the market demand at home and abroad and transformation and upgrading difficulty increases under the influence of the comprehensive factors, better speed precision machine machine tool market expanding abroad, high-grade product processing center made in accordance with European standards, buck the trend, the export machine to the overseas market.At present, the better speed precision machine products production and processing of CNC machining center, has been exported to the United States, Australia, Brazil, South Korea, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, southeast Asia, such as more than 100 countries and regions in the world, all over the world.

good speed fine machine is machine tool industry star enterprise, guangdong is the country’s large modular machine tool, the flexible manufacturing system and complete set technology and automation equipment, research and development of CNC machine tool manufacturing base, the development and manufacture of nc feature base and the vanguard of China’s machine tool industry enterprises.Better speed precision machine processing center product showed high precision as the international brand of high-end CNC machine tools, and half the price for these big only.Better speed precision machine continuously exported Europe and the United States and other high-end machine tool market, quantity was small, has a significance of mileage card type, because better speed machines made of high-grade CNC machine tools successfully exported to Europe and other industrial powers, recognized and accepted by western consumers, prove good speed precision machine CNC machine quality has reached the international advanced level, can occupy a place in the international market.

good speed fine machine standardization processing center is one of the production workshop

according to the export to Europe, the speed of pure machine of numerical control machining center of customers from the Netherlands, export model is better speed precision machine patented products moving beam vertical machining center V – D series products.This product is characterized by European design, workbench do Y axis movement, reduce weight, heavy duty roller guide, good rigidity, covers an area of less, especially suitable for machinery, automobile, textile, mold, aerospace, motor, valve, etc.

over the past year plus speed precision machine tools in high-grade CNC machine tool sales continue to rise, percentage sales have larger year-on-year growth, has the independent innovation technology of high-grade CNC lathe, vertical machining center has gradually become main product market, especially export this piece, better speed precision machine of high-end processing center in a traditional machine tool power market, European and American markets, sales rise year by year, many back to an old customer, this suggests that the speed precision machine firm grasp quality, technological innovation has achieved good results.

heavy packing good machining center is being lifted by crane & have spent

& have spent

loading on preparation of shipment of the speed machining center check box

speed precision machine want to think of the client on the shipping details, with fully enclosed check box, box in the multiple protective measures are taken, machine tool key parts ensure machining center in the process of handling, shipping foolproof.Jia speed precision machine on these details by heart, won the foreign customers consistent high praise.

2017 will be better speed precision machine foreign markets a year of rapid development, better speed machine will increase investment in innovation, expand the overseas market, further enhance better speed machine international influence, better speed precision machine will, as always, good services, help enterprise to do strongly does, develop a broader market.