CNC machine shields manufacturers industry quickly occupied the high-end market

Published on 2019-07-02
CNC machine shields manufacturers quickly occupied the industry a new round wave of technological revolution and industrial revolution swept the high-end market. Information, energy, materials, medicine, environmental protection and other areas of technology continue to make exciting breakthroughs spawned a new manufacturing and business models, but also pushed the mankind towards a smart production, new green living movement, which contains many revolutionary changes will have a major impact far-reaching national competitiveness and world economic and political situation. Conform to this trend, we have only to accelerate innovation and building an innovative country, in order to push forward economic restructuring and upgrading quality and efficiency, to seize the strategic high ground in international competition. 
The party's 18 years, central to decentralization as a breakthrough, to promote economic restructuring, the release of social energy, social investment and entrepreneurial innovation enthusiasm burst. Last year, newly registered enterprises in the substantial growth in the last year and a new increase of more than 1,200 million, of which the first venture to invest up to 291 million individuals. In this context, information network technology to support "a passenger" is like springing up, rapid growth. A large number of keen on creativity, design, network young people, keeping up with the trend of digital technology to transform traditional manufacturing, with their own "desktop factory" to produce a large number of dizzying, marvel but ground gas, there is a market of new products to subvert the traditional manufacturing and consumption patterns, as well as the industrial layout and investment financing. Currently, Beijing has become Asia's largest "a passenger space," Shenzhen Huaqiang North has been regarded as "a passenger Holy Land." South Korea, "Central Daily" recently published an article that last year China's new entrepreneurs risk is 100 times in Korea, attracting venture capital fund which is more than 15 times China's "Year of the wave off," South Korea has become a major threat. Regardless of whether this is alarmist, but the vast land of China surging "a wave-off" clearly accelerate the integration of manufacturing pushed the Internet and the development of new industrial revolution doors, we are leading the mass arrival of a new era of entrepreneurship Peoples. 
Not long ago, a central leading comrades said with emotion, if there are 1-200000000 people can go to entrepreneurial innovation, it would promote China's economic growth to create a new engine. Under increasing pressure on resources and the environment, the traditional engine of growth is insufficient, we can only speed up economic restructuring in particular the further rise of mass upsurge entrepreneurial innovation Peoples to build a strong foundation for building an innovative country, adding to the long-lasting power for economic development. 
Moreover, a further rise of mass entrepreneurship Peoples innovation boom, but also help to mobilize and motivate the people involved in the reform, promote reform, comprehensively deepen reforms formed a powerful force. Practice has repeatedly proved that the grassroots and the masses of exploration and practice, innovation and creativity, is an important force to promote the reform of the wheels rolling forward. Entrepreneurship and innovation is a great practice of hundreds of millions of people involved in this process will inevitably face various obstacles in particular barrier fence institutional mechanisms, entrepreneurial innovators will thus naturally became a promoter of reform appeal, and further more people will become the biggest beneficiary of reform. This concerted effort to mobilize the masses to promote the reform, so that the reform to obtain an inexhaustible source of strength, obviously of great significance. 
Then the implementation of contract system, greatly mobilized millions of peasants enthusiasm and creativity, not only to create a miracle food production, and quickly changed China's economic structure, accelerate China from traditional agricultural country to a modern industrial countries change. Especially township enterprises, massive transfer of rural surplus labor force, which greatly promoted the process of China's urbanization, the rural social undertakings, as society and people's mental outlook has changed dramatically. Today, the public entrepreneurial innovation Peoples boom nurtured a miracle on the horizon, as long as we support and encourage the general public from the institutional mechanism and policy entrepreneurship and innovation, let all labor, knowledge, technology, management and capital to unleash the vitality, let all sources of social wealth full play, so that every innovator entrepreneurs have a fair opportunity to dream come true, will be able to open up a new world of economic growth, will be able to forge ahead of the formation of a new era of fashion and social prosperity in the new atmosphere.