High-end CNC machine tool industry cluster development

Published on 2018-03-27
News reporters Mu Jiping newspaper correspondent reported Hangzhou Hu Di Guo Wenxuan August 19, good news came from Hefei, Ma'anshan city battle new base project declared - the high-end CNC machine tool industry cluster development base to obtain the approval of the provincial government, was officially positioned named " high-end CNC machine tool industry cluster development Ma'anshan base (test). " It is the Ma'anshan City declared war three new bases the only approved items.
Bowang machine and die cutting industry began in the mid-1970s, after decades of development and change, the gradual formation of industrial clusters, to become "the first town of Chinese machine tool", the "Blade Die town" reputation. September 2012, after the formal establishment of Bowang region, to promote regional transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, since 2015, the high-end CNC machine tools and actively promote strategic emerging industry cluster development base construction, and achieved remarkable results. January to June this year, a new war base of industrial output value 5.17 billion yuan, 181 million yuan tax, Gudingzichan invest 3.156 billion yuan, an increase of 38.66 percent, respectively, 44.8%, 26.24%.
New base for the growth of bones war, the area on the one hand and actively make a short board, construction of key projects to support bases. Has through mergers and acquisitions, etc., to introduce Yuxiang, Tianduan other high-end CNC machine tool production base project, a project will be put into operation within this year are to fill the new war base is not strong small enterprises, leading projects missing short board; other on the one hand to promote the standardization of plant construction progress of the project, Zhuchaoyinfeng, accelerate the formation of new small and medium enterprises concentrated area. Meanwhile, the district is attracting large and strong, revitalize the stock, and vigorously promote the leading industrial investment. To the end of June, a new high-tech zones signed 58 projects, including a new war base (the leading industry) 50 projects, of which 46 million over the project, 500 million yuan more than Item 2 10 2 million over the project, has started 25, completed 8. The district also adopted a "cage for a bird", etc., on a number of rigid enterprise shake, introduce a number of new industries, extending upstream and downstream industries, extend the industrial chain, so that the full-fledged base.
It is understood that the next area to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises as the goal, the full increase investment, and innovative investment approaches focus on high-end CNC machine tools cluster development bases in the internal and external integration, business investment, based on the staring Nanjing, Shanghai, look Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong region, according to undertake the transfer of high-quality demand, good project clue combing and reserves, focused on tracking the domestic industry leaders, and strive to a number of high correlation in the product chain, technology chain, supply chain, major projects, technology and market competitive settled; accelerate new war base to upgrade and further enhance the level of leading industry cluster development, technological innovation capability and the leading role of leading enterprises, scientific and technological innovation for the missing links to achieve breakthroughs in core technologies and leading industry local of reinforcing the industrial chain development and sales at both ends of an important part of comprehensive enterprise products to enhance the influence and competitiveness of leading industries, to create "Bowang design", "Bo Wang Chi-made" brand. 2016 new base is expected to achieve full-year war industrial output value of 10 billion yuan, an increase of 33.33%; to achieve revenue 330 million yuan, an increase of 32 percent; Gudingzichan investment of 7.0 billion yuan, an increase of 40%; completion of Leading Industry Investment item 75.