What is the difference CNC machine tools and general machine tools is?

Published on 2019-07-02
machine tool manufacturing machine, the machine itself is capable of producing the machines. Cars, milling, planing, grinding, boring, drilling, EDM , shearing, bending, laser cutting, etc. are mechanical processing methods, the so-called machining, metal blank is part machining shape as desired, including dimensional accuracy and geometric accuracy of the two aspects. Able to complete the function of the device is called machine tools, CNC machine tools is the development over the general machine tools, CNC machine tools, is a high-precision, high-efficiency automated machine tools. NC means that digital control. 
I am not very understanding of the machine tool industry, a layman, but in recent years with the development of manufacturing, CNC machine tools has been a buzzword, and more or less between friends would talk about. I want to know, what is the CNC machine tools ah? What it is the difference between an ordinary machine? 
CNC machine tools, is simply a digital control machine tools, automatic machine equipped with a Chengxukongzhi system. The system can deal with having control logic code or other symbols Directive procedure and decoding, so that the operation of the machine tool and machining parts. CNC machine control unit CNC machine operation and monitoring of all completed in the numerical control unit, which is the brain of CNC machine tools. Our general said numerical control equipment, the main index is controlled lathes and machining centers.
What is the difference CNC machine tools and general machine tools is? 
In fact, now CNC technology for CNC machine tools are inseparable. CNC machine tools, understood in the simple sense, that is, on the machine plus CNC system. Of course, CNC machine tools is not simply add a CNC system just fine. CNC technology is the most advanced processing equipment used in the machining industry, which includes CNC lathes, milling machines, CNC milling and boring machine, CNC machining centers, CNC wire cutting, and other categories. The so-called numerical control technology, is to use a digital programming signal, by computer-controlled machining process. 
CNC machine tools to complete the process using ordinary tools incomparable features: 
1, can significantly increase productivity. After the completion of workpiece clamping, enter the preparation of a good machining program, the machine will automatically complete the process, machining parts changed, generally only need to change the NC program, thus greatly reducing the processing time, thereby improving productivity than ordinary machine several times over. 
2, with high precision, very stable product quality. Since the program is based on automatic processing, precision machining can also use the software to correct and compensate, so the availability of high-precision machining, and now all enterprises in the high precision products use almost all CNC machine tools for processing and manufacturing. 
3, the high degree of automation, greatly reducing the labor intensity, largely played down the differences between physical and mental work. CNC machine operator's work processes with high technology content, high quality requirements of the operator, the higher technical requirements for maintenance personnel. Has been completely belong to the "blue collar" in the past sense. CNC machine operator who will, known as the "gray collar"; understand CNC machine tool maintenance man, known as the "silver collar"; both will understand the operation and maintenance of CNC generalist, known as the "gold collar."