High-speed spindle behind restricting the development of China CNC Machine Tool

Published on 2018-03-27
It has historically been one of the three high-tech CNC machine tools, high-speed spindle system. With the rapid development of NC technology and cutting tools, and more to keep the machinery and equipment in high-speed, high-precision, high efficiency, high intelligence development, built-in electric spindle unit, spindle has become the most suitable for the above-mentioned high-performance operating conditions one of the core functions of components CNC machine tools. Especially in multi-axis, polyhedron processing, machine tool, machine tool, and many other advanced products, excellent characteristics of other types of spindle is the spindle unit can not be replaced.
Electric spindle is the spindle and the spindle motor integration of high-tech products, electric spindle system by an electric spindle drive controller, encoder, communications cables and other components. The level of the electro-spindle technology, performance will directly determine and influence the level of technology and performance of CNC machine tool, but also restricts the development speed of the host.
Domestic electric spindle development is not satisfactory, compared with the rapid development of CNC machine tools, the development of domestic electric spindle has lagged far behind, has caused the industry as well as relevant state ministries concerned. Experts have pointed out, to the use of CNC machine tool spindle is 10% of the total in 2009, CNC machine tool spindle power of about 7000, has become the electro-spindle marketplace. Domestic electric spindle rely heavily on imports of reasons, in addition to production did not follow up outside, the quality of domestic electric spindle is not guaranteed, but also one of the reasons. At present, China has developed can be applied to CNC machine tools and machining center spindle, and has been equipped with some domestic CNC machine tools. But generally speaking, domestic electric spindle and foreign products compared to, whether it is performance, variety and quality there is a big gap, so the current domestic high-speed, high-precision electro-spindle CNC machine tools and machining centers used, still largely imported from abroad.
For the existence of the electro-spindle production technology bottleneck, many industry experts expressed their views. Some experts in the analysis of the electric spindle technology that technical difficulty spindle is not large. Electric spindle really need is a comprehensive technology, but as long as a company has one of the technology, can produce electric spindle this product. Because, unlike other technologies that corresponds to the product, can be purchased. For example, the motor bearing plants can be purchased, but can also be purchased bearing motor plant, which is some foreign manufacturers of electric spindle common practice. Is the world's top manufacturer of electric spindle does not have the full set of technology, they also purchased products or technologies.
Electric spindle may seem simple, but in reality is not easy. Getting started is easy, not easy to do fine. Electric spindle is actually a lot of discipline, synthesis of many high-tech applications, involving machinery, electronics, automatic control. If only the precision machining, assembly, others rely on outsourcing outsourcing, relying on cheap labor to gain profits, the initial possible. However, the core competitiveness of spindle aspect inevitably unable to compete with foreign companies, simply ism, do not grasp the core technology, key technology, will be controlled by others, spindle can not be healthy development of the industry, we will be forever behind others . It is because of the high speed bearing technology, precision machining technology, motor technology, the drive control technology gap with foreign advanced level, it affected the market competitiveness of domestic motorized.