3 college students learn CNC machine tools, network selling guns, Hunan police arrested 11 people involved

Published on 2019-07-02
August 24, surging News (www.thepaper.cn) from Changsha County Public Security Bureau was informed that recently, Changsha County Public Security Bureau destroyed a network of manufacturing, trafficking in firearms, gangs, and seized a large number of firearms, parts and finished airgun, 11 arrested persons involved staff. 
March 2016, open-hui town of Changsha County, Liu built by've seen an advertisement link, click the domain name is found It998 Taobao, the shop has a large number of air gun accessories for sale. He followed the requirements of the owner, took blowgun kit and PayPal payment of 5,000 yuan. A few days later, Liu was built in the mountain test gun when he was reported to local villagers. County Public Security Battalion and open-hui police station quickly out of the police, the arrested Liu Jian. 
By Liu Jian interrogation, the police task force after five months of investigation, found that the criminal gangs through QQ, Taobao shop network approach to illegal trade in firearms. Transactions for buyers and agents to communicate through QQ, etc., through the payment of treasure and other means of payment, the network proxy information to an agent of the buyer, the supplier or manufacturer, who will each be sent by courier to buy gun parts home, sometimes the network proxy shipped directly to the buyer, and finally by the buyers themselves will assemble parts into a whole gun. Involving sales network throughout the country 26 provinces, 139 cities, the sales amount of up to 80 million yuan, which is a preliminary determination manufacturing, selling air guns criminal gangs. 
Changsha County Public Security Bureau cracked 11 criminal suspects. Changsha County public security contributor 
At 6:00 on August 19, Changsha County Public Security Bureau deployed from Xingsha Xiang Long, Quantang elite police and other police and law and order brigade police arrests consisting of eight teams, divide our forces go to war Zhuzhou, in one fell swoop and arrested 11 criminal suspects , including criminal detention of nine people, administrative detention for 2 people, the destruction of firearms, parts production dens 2, sales dens 2, express transportation dens 3, the scene seized firearms accessories 8436 (can be assembled about 300 air gun), finished airgun 7 branch, seven production machine equipment. 
That case, a suspect Yi Lun, Tangmou Bing, Lee is responsible for the production process trigger, barrel, layering, springs and other accessories, a supplier, then made a Taobao, QQ and other network platform to hide suspects sell to others. Meanwhile, a statement also developed Wumou Bo, Wang Mouxiang and other man-made air rifle parts sales were lower-level agents. 
Since the air gun accessories belonging to prohibited items, under normal circumstances can not express transportation. Introduction of a security can be found Zhuzhou logistics company courier Ni certain to $ 20 per unit profit, to convince him to help secretly mailed. Zhuzhou another full peak courier company courier tan in the same way to Wu Moubo delivery, Liu built air gun accessories is available from Wu Moubo place. Police preliminary understanding of the situation, for a Lun Yi, Tang Moubing, Lee three are college education, a student of CNC machine tools professional, specializes in mold making. Did not find the ideal job after graduation three, I found the air gun parts manufacturing high profits, they began to use what they have learned long Illegal manufacturing of firearms. 
Currently, the case is under further digging, the police are fully hunt down fugitive suspects in a statement.