Hanzhong tech zones focus on the development of CNC machine tools and other five leading industries

Published on 2019-07-02
Recently, the provincial high-tech Industrial Development Zone Hanzhong formal approval by the provincial government executive meeting, Hanzhong City became the first provincial-level high-tech industrial development zones.
High-tech Zone is located east of Hanzhong Hanzhong Town area, "the county in Shaanxi Province key construction industrial concentration area" Town Industrial Zone and the "national focus of the town," Town-based, planning a total area of ​​27.4 square kilometers (2014- 2030) in which 24 square kilometers of land for construction. The overall spatial layout of "one axis, two belts, four areas" pattern, ie external development spindle , Han River green belt, green belt protection Yang an railway, gathering area, the headquarters economic zone, integrated living areas and conservation areas to protect. Positioning in the industry, high-tech zones in Hanzhong Hanzhong will rely on the existing industrial base and technological advantages of resources, pooling of resources inside and outside the provincial development factors, advanced equipment manufacturing led to gradually transition to the intelligent manufacturing, focusing on the development of aviation supporting parts , new energy vehicles , intelligent CNC machine tools , intelligent transmission and distribution equipment , bio- medicine five leading industries.
Hanzhong High-tech Zone
Hanzhong High-tech Zone
Successfully created the provincial high-tech zones to achieve the features and leading industry cluster development, strategic emerging industries to achieve scale, improve the development of innovation system and enhance the ability to innovate, to create a favorable environment for development, innovation and entrepreneurship to create a good atmosphere of great significance. By 2020, the region can achieve total revenue of 50 billion yuan, industrial output value reached 30 billion yuan, will be developed into a "Western Highlands equipment manufacturing industry, Qinba mountain green industrial base, the development of innovation-driven lead Southern District Shaanxi military and civilian integration demonstration zone "as a whole, support the leading regional development in southern Shaanxi is an important growth pole.