China lead the new era of CNC lathes

Published on 2018-03-27

China lead the new era of CNC lathes

jc35 REVIEW: With the international and domestic economic development, CNC lathes more deeply concerned about the economy, while China's high-speed CNC lathes industry is in a leading position. 
  At present, many domestic manufacturers to produce various types of high-end machining centers, CNC lathes industry will become the fastest growing types of products, the largest proportion of a class of products, it is directly related to the construction of the rapid development of our country and development process.   In the 21st century, with the rapid increase of the comprehensive economic strength of the machining center market has entered a rapid development period. Substantial increase in motor vehicles and parts, aerospace, mold and other industries demand for machining centers, domestic and abroad CNC machining centers to choose the best system, functional components and other parts, to accelerate the pace of industrial production, quality, reliability significantly improved, with price advantage, and gradually got the recognition of domestic users and recognition.   China's CNC machine tools in terms of product range, technology, quality and production have made great progress in some key technology has also made a major breakthrough. According to statistics, China's CNC machine tool market for 1500 species, covering almost the entire metal-cutting machine tools and the main varieties of the category forging machinery. Wide scope, it can keep pace with Japan, Germany, the United States. This indicates that China has entered a period of rapid CNC machine tool development.