On the development direction of domestic CNC lathes

Published on 2019-07-02

On the development direction of domestic CNC lathes

 jc35 REVIEW: The machine tool industry is the most important basis for the equipment manufacturing industry in the national economy development. Good flexible CNC lathe, height adjusting, high precision, has long been concerned about the automaker, along with the market competition; many varieties to maximize production to meet the diverse needs of the market, until satisfy every CNC lathe users It needs to become the automotive industry manufacturers to pursue the goal to CNCmachine tools as the main flexible manufacturing cell, has been widely used. Focus on the development of today's CNC machine tools there are two: high-speed CNC lathe, to achieve high efficiency at high speed; accelerate the development of automation processes. 
  In the automotive industry as the representative of motor vehicles and parts manufacturing to aerospace to accelerate the development of high-tech industries, and has brought great opportunities for the machine tool industry. At the same time, to meet China's major manufacturing base and defense industry a huge demand for high-end CNC machine tools, high-end CNC machine tools to get rid of foreign dependence and monopoly must break through the key technology of high-end CNC machine tools and the corresponding high-performance feature. Development of CNC machine tools needed to market demand-oriented, the host for traction, and consider numerical control systems and functional components, key components of the host, the implementation of digital manufacturing; to feature-based, common technology to support and accelerate the revitalization of China's machine tool manufacturing industry.   (1) increase the self-development of CNC machine tools, manufacturing capacity.   For our country such a big manufacturing country, we must quickly improve the self-development of CNC machine tools, manufacturing capacity. Common and key technologies must be combined with an organic base construction of CNC machine tools and features, and to high-end CNC machine tool development as the main goal, to improve machine reliability and industrialization level, supporting the ability to improve the domestic numerical control system and key functional components, in particular, to improve the domestic high-end CNC machine tools supporting capacity; strengthen the research, basic research technique and application software development based on the development of CNC machine tools theory, improve industry standards and patent work, lay a solid foundation for the development of CNC machine tool industry.   (2) to feature-based, key generic technologies for the support.   CNC system, functional components, a key component is the basis for the development of high-end CNC machine tools, the development of our country in this regard is very weak, has become a bottleneck restricting the development of CNC machine tools, we must accelerate the development, improve the specialization and mass production technology and capability. Develop and improve the capability of independent innovation products must rely on the master core technologies, rely on common technical support. Basic technology research to improve the overall level of the machine is the premise and guarantee is the key and the machine tool designed for China's machine tool industry to a new level, to resolve low-level redundant development tools and low added value bottleneck issues of importance.   (3) to accelerate the introduction of technology and international cooperation.   In order to quickly get the latest technology, companies can directly and foreign research institutes and first-class foreign joint ventures, cooperation, market for technology, with limited funds in exchange for unlimited development, to achieve mainstream production of a high starting point, as volume, specialized . In the introduction of the process of cooperation, the need to strengthen the introduction of technology digestion and absorption and re-innovation. In some areas, a large gap with foreign countries, the introduction of foreign advanced technology possible, through the introduction of technology to enhance digestion and absorption, to achieve further innovation to meet the needs of users. Technical basis of good areas, integration is now a certain technical advantages, combined with the user, combined with research and development of products to meet user needs, the formation of technological innovation capability, and strive to achieve a breakthrough on the original innovation.