CNC lathes throughout the country in many areas

Published on 2018-03-27

CNC lathes throughout the country in many areas

JC35 REVIEW: CNC lathes in many parts of China have gained popularity, it saves labor costs, improve operational safety, convenience, and is the development trend of China's machine tool market. 
  CNC technology and equipment to develop new high-tech industry and cutting-edge technology and industry enabling the most basic equipment. The world information industry, biological industry, aviation, aerospace and defense industry and other widely used numerical techniques to improve manufacturing capacity and level, to improve market adaptability and competitiveness. As a result of the transformation of NC transformation for manufacturers, more miscellaneous and chaos, but how the transformation of the quality control is what we have been required to explore the issue, here to talk about how to control the quality of the transformation of CNC lathes. CNC lathe transformation and transformation into a new machine old machine, the new machine is the transformation of ordinary users to buy or lathe-ray machine (with only refers headstock and longitudinal and transverse rail lathe), CNC manufacturers transform transformation according to their requirements. Old machine means that users will have used conventional lathe or CNC lathe for renovation and transformation of NC. Which includes the transformation of the old machine overhaul lathe machine parts renovation and transformation of the old user. In this transformation of CNC lathes and quality control method in mechanical terms, focusing on the control point and the inspection process.   CNC lathe acceptance shall be promulgated by the State to implement the "CNC horizontal lathe manufacturing and acceptance of technical requirements", whether in the acceptance process, such a dispute should be based on relevant national standards, be resolved through consultations. Ji CNC lathe: stepper motor and a microcontroller Compact CNC lathe after turning lathe feeding system transformation form. Low cost, automation and functionality than the poor, turning accuracy is not high, suitable for less demanding turning rotational parts. Ordinary CNC lathes: turning according to the requirements of the structure is designed with universal CNC system and the formation of CNC lathes. CNC system function is strong, the degree of automation and precision is relatively high, suitable for general turning rotational parts. This CNC lathe can simultaneously control two axes, x and z axes.