National Qicheng transformation of NC machine tools can be a

Published on 2019-07-02

National Qicheng transformation of NC machine tools can be a huge market, machine tool accessories


  With the development of China's machine tool industry, industrial automation, machine tools, industrial upgrading and technological progress we have made great progress, which also rely on technological progress to accelerate the achievement of sustainable development and the new road to industrialization change. However, machine tool manufacturing industry is an important manifestation of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, with the machine tool industry for the production of precision and efficiency requirements increase, China's machine tool industry for urgent by the large number of ordinary machine tool accessories, machine tool accessories and CNC machine tools reconstruction fit.   There are many types of machine tool accessories, including organ-protective mask (Paper Tiger), steel guard rails, screw shields, shutter shields, protective skirt curtains, dust off cloth, steel towline, plastic towline , steel and aluminum towline, machine work lights, machine Sizing Block, JR-2 type rectangle metallic hose, DGT catheter protective kits, adjustable plastic cooling tube, vacuum tube, ventilation tube, pipe explosion, stroke slot board, hit block, scraping plates, chip conveyor, deflection device, platform \ granite slab \ cast iron plate and a variety of operating parts.   At present, on the basis of the growing sectors of the economy, the country has all kinds of general machine tools more than 400 million units, of which a quarter of the machine is more than 30 years of military age, and the transformation of the value of these machines no longer need to update eliminated, the remaining about 70% of the machine is available for the transformation of NC. For many ordinary machine tools to implement the transformation and updating, the update can be formed billions of market demand, maintaining economic growth, can play a role. Therefore, the NC renovation project may be formed several hundred billion dollars of industrial added value. By a variety of machine tool accessories in the market concerned, the market feedback significantly improved, increasing sales.