end machine tools exhibition plate, boosting the development

Published on 2018-03-27

Heipp Frierson bring high-end machine tools exhibition plate, boosting the development of CNC machine tools


  The latest data from China Machine Tool Industry Association, China's machine tool industry overall sentiment index in 2015 was only 34.5%, well below the 50% line, the machine tool industry appears surplus of low-end and high-end shortage of mismatch.   Faced with this transition pains, Heipp Frierson with their own strength to occupy one of the world, machine tool companies to become a shining star, he won the first in the industry in transition. High precision CNC boring and ends Roller ultra-precision CNC cylindrical grinding and milling zone B debut in 2016 on the upcoming 23th South China International Printing Industry Fair, Shanghai Pu Frierson will bring the number of independent research and development and production of 11.2 H302 booth haipurui Mori want their high-end equipment can help more companies achieve high efficiency and low cost plate production, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, while depth exchanges with industry counterparts to jointly boost the development of China's transformation of CNC machine tools.   As a high-end version of the Gravure Engraving industry roll finishing pinnacle of high-precision CNC The exhibition ends Roller boring SDGT-320A represents the highest level Gravure Engraving industry, the product has a number of invention patents, products to ensure that the two tapered bore concentricity 0.01mm, integrated accuracy up to 0.02mm, processing efficiency is less than 4.5 minutes / pieces, roll version number can be processed per day up to 300, self-centering, etc., obviously in high precision machining, processing capability, etc. The advantages. The product has been the world's largest professional Engraving Group - Yuncheng Engraving Group of successful demonstration and in-depth applications mature and stable product performance, in the comprehensive index precision, efficiency and stability are in the front position.   At present, Shanghai Pu Frierson participate in the work of 2016 23th South China International Printing Industry Fair is being conducted Camillo, where the industry is also invited to visit our booth, expand cooperation and exchange of common depth, to promote enterprise development, boost NC development of the machine tool industry.