Jinan Machine Tool State Key Laboratory Construction and Ope

Published on 2018-03-27

Jinan Machine Tool State Key Laboratory Construction and Operation of embodiment by demonstrating 


  Jinan Second Machine "State Key Laboratory of Advanced Intelligent large stamping equipment," Construction and operation of embodiments of the demonstration will be held in Building 302 Conference Room Gill. Science and Technology Division of the foundation, Science and Technology Department of Shandong Province, Jinan City Science and Technology Bureau related to leadership, demonstration by the Expert Group composed of well-known industry experts and professors attended the meeting.   Demonstration Group heard a report that reviewed the data and conducted field visits to the site by the question and discussion that Jinan Machine Tool strong technical force, equipment and the allocation of talent reasonable, feasible implementation plan, agreed to by the construction and operation of embodiments .   Jinan National Laboratory of the large advanced intelligent machine stamping equipment in August 2015 approved the new. The construction and operation through the implementation of demonstration program, marking its formal entry into the construction and operation phase. The next five years, the laboratory will focus on equipment manufacturing and automobile industries in national development needs for large-scale advanced intelligent stamping equipment development and industrialization, focusing on large-scale intelligent key features advanced stamping equipment, digital simulation, advanced intelligent control and intelligent security based applications such as the direction of common technology research and enhance the original innovation capacity and international competitiveness of our core markets stamping equipment manufacturing industry.