Machine tool industry continued downward trend in 2016 furth

Published on 2019-05-15

Machine tool industry continued downward trend in 2016 further increase the pressure


Under the influence of the economic downturn at home and abroad, continued weak market demand and increasing difficulty to upgrade a combination of factors, the machine tool industry continued to show significant annual operating inertia decline. Industry Focus Information Network statistics show that in 2015 the main business income, industrial output value and sales value of the three economic indicators show the proportion of enterprises fell about 70%, and profits and taxes fell two economic indicators show the enterprises accounted for more than 60%. Industry operating conditions are dropping from some enterprises and the state of differentiation of assimilation by industry spread to the entire industry.   1. The continuing sharp decline in demand, significant downside sales   decreased the most direct expression of negative growth in orders demand. From January to December 2015, new