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Production value of machine tool of numerical control of Nantong science and technology is changed rate rise

Published on 2018-01-19

Outstanding achievement signs up for in: Business income one hundred and fifteen million and ninety thousand four hundred yuan, drop compared to the same period 37.58% ; Net profit forty-two million one hundred and sixty thousand one hundred yuan. Comment on: In last few years, nantong science and technology is adopted accelerate product research and development, adjust the product structure, strategy act that gets used to market demand quickly, although suffer financial crisis effect, machine t

Product of new science and technology of Lu Na machine tool passes appraisal to check and accept

Published on 2017-12-21

On December 16, 2012, suffer Shandong to save classics letter appoint entrust, classics of jujube village city is believed appoint in Chen Long limited company of group Shandong Lu Na machine tool is chaired held the province that assumes by this company project appraisal of technical innovation plan checks and accept the conference, come back to numerical control of TMC21A turning center, PX350-CNC2-T4 press bed and XHC715A vertical machining center undertake appraisal is checked and accept. Th

Flower contest company develops fierce heavy group and Italy together in machine tool of high-grade numerical control

Published on 2017-12-21

Recently, fierce heavy group and shellfish of Italian flower contest pull Er the base of a fruit limited company (the following abbreviation flower contest company ) signed agreement of strategic collaboration framework, on this foundation both sides will produce the advantage such as respective technology brand, production actual strength and sale network, in be being developed jointly product of machine tool of high-grade numerical control, develop China and international market further. It is

Machining center of technology of 10 thousand made of baked clay fiber-optic laser builds China labour laser in the round

Published on 2017-12-21

2012 first quarter, technological equipment of 10 thousand made of baked clay fiber-optic laser realized China labour laser first functional sex moves. The treatment of technology of 10 thousand made of baked clay fiber-optic laser that this is indicating home is the most advanced applies platform to build in the round. This machining center is by company of Lai of benefit of method of China labour laser basis China is versed in center of technology of laser of science and technology builds an i

How does numerical control machine tool choose cutting tool and process designing correctly

Published on 2017-12-21

Summary: ? Knock at be ignorant of of Yong of Xing of decadent of difficult ≡ Yao instrument of cover of ひ of す of commonplace of Piao of  of scabbard of ㄊ of Kang Na model is troubled by  of  of plaque  Chen Jin to call out collect of refute of  of Tao of  of catfish postscript enthalpy to need Liu of postscript of bless of benzene of curb of  of  of ば  remnant needs ぶ persimmon handsome , make the design data that uses CAD directly in numerical control

Lug carries lathe of machining center, numerical control to appear 2012 mid the meeting that make gain

Published on 2017-12-08

Exposition of manufacturing industry of equipment of Chinese mid international is held in Zhengzhou, lug (Luoyang) initiate limited company of equipment science and technology to equip after kind of elaborate plan that the product passes nearly two months and preparation, in equipment sale ministry be in charge of falling took an active part in this exposition, in T of area of T of hall of one original poster 9 exhibit decided 6 standards to exhibit exhibited CK6150 of lathe of XH7150 of vertica

Law factor charges mill of boring of numerical control be born machining center is about to appear on CCMT2012

Published on 2017-12-08

Shandong law factor accuses mechanical Inc. to will come 20 days read extensively in Nanjing international on April 16, 2012 the center reveals mill of boring of be born of FV200 numerical control machining center. Because numerical control company introduces collaboration of Italian Colgar technology to produce,this product is a law, have the characteristic of high speed, efficient, high accuracy. Rotate speed of its main shaft can amount to 6000r/min, speed of feed of axis of X, Y, Z can amoun

Machine tool industry invests opportunity protruding to show

Published on 2017-12-06

Summary: The swift and violent development of automobile industry, and industry of machine of aerospace industry, project, mould enter rapidder development period, and be made as big airlines, war industry industry makes those who wait for investment dimensions increase, formed new point of growth to the demand of machine tool industry, drive an industry to grow quickly. In the meantime, have advantage of manpower resource cost than industry of our country machine tool with international industr

New-style carpentry machining center makes new engine of engraving tool of Fu Shunde numerical control

Published on 2017-12-02

Limited company of machinery of numerical control of Qingdao blessing suitable heart is in 2012 on the product research and development of carpentry machining center, drive traditional product to upgrade in the round with product of engraving tool of high-end essence numerical control, qingdao blessing arranges limited company of machinery of heart numerical control to compare total 2011 production value to surmount sexual breakthrough in dimensions photograph, bend force breeds machining center

The function of system of drive of servo of numerical control machine tool

Published on 2017-11-21

System of drive of servo of numerical control machine tool is to point to with component of machine tool shift (wait like workbench, head, this book is with workbench only exemple) the automation system that the position and speed measure as control, say to procrastinate again use a system. On numerical control machine tool, servo drive system receives the feed pulse instruction that comes from interpolation device or interpolation software to generate, through certain signal commutation and vol

Dark essence mechanism makes the small-sized machining center with a less width

Published on 2017-11-21

The place of machine of Japanese dark essence that make exhibited to aim to be used at FMS a few days ago (stretch production system) wait for product line and narrow machine tool width be 680mm NX2000 series machine tool. What exhibit this is horizontal machining center (MC) NX2000H with vertical MC NV2000V . When appearing on the market in November 2004, still prepare to increase again NX2000T turning center.

The 5 rods that auspicious of horse of heart of Germany of sale of dark essence machine produces machining center DMU 50 Eco

Published on 2017-11-21

The place of dark essence machine that make begins to sell German auspicious to stride especially from August 24, 2010 (Gildemeister) company (DMG: De Maji) machining center of 5 axle control DMU 50 Eco . As the introductory machine that lowered the price, face machining center of consideration general vertical (3 axes) replace the client that is opportunity of 5 axes treatment. This product has the process capability of as coequal as vertical machining center level and precision, negative effec

Ha Sixi installs HFO inn to open

Published on 2017-11-11

On December 20, 2009, the brand shop of machine tool of Xian Ha Si that by Xian investment of limited company of machinery of bright root numerical control establishs (Ha Sixi of of the following abbreviation installs HFO ) kick off grandly, this is the 18th HFO that Ha Si company establishs in China. Standing vice-president holds association of industry of Hao Ming of president of head office of Chinese machine tool, China internal-combustion engine concurrently Ms. Qin Ke, Shaanxi saves deputy

Metal of our country entrance machined a machine tool July 9649

Published on 2017-11-11

Statistical number showed Chinese custom on August 10, metal of our country entrance machined a machine tool July 9649, amount is amounted to 578, 615 1000 dollars. So far metal of entrance of accumulative total of before 7 months machines a machine tool 60, 003, amount is amounted to 3, 909, 467 1000 dollars, accumulative total is compared respectively the corresponding period decreased last year 2.9% , 3.0% .

Dark essence machine rolls out NV7000 of machining center of high accuracy vertical

Published on 2017-11-11

The place of dark essence machine that make is rolled out for NV series taste newly NV7000 of machining center of high accuracy vertical, wait for the treatment demand of the domain in order to satisfy car, aviation, mould and industrial machinery. Already began to accept now order. Regard the brunt of vertical machining center as the product, since NV series rolled out NV5000 in Feburary 2002 oneself wide get a client reputably. The NV7000 that rolls out this is had 1, workbench of 700mm × 760

Small giant machine tool rolls out lathe of complete function numerical control

Published on 2017-11-11

Campstool of Japanese hill Qi is overcome (the machine tool of small giant of solely invested factory of Mazak) limited company is brand-new the QTN 100-II of lathe of complete function numerical control that rolls out high accuracy of a high speed, this product will be in small giant company to produce at rising this year in September. The pushs be sent on a diplomatic mission to get product of lathe of numerical control of small giant company norms of QTN 100-II was enclothed arrive from 6 inc

Nantong science and technology and Tsinghua university collaboration establish center of research and development of numerical control machine tool

Published on 2017-11-11

24 days, nantong science and technology (600862) the Tsinghua university that establishs with Tsinghua university collaboration (spirit appearance is) center of research and development of combination of technology of machine tool of numerical control of · Nantong science and technology holds the ceremony that uncover a shop sign in Beijing. Uncover card ceremonially, spirit appearance department announced about chief project of first 5 research and development starts center of associated resea

The classified characteristic of numerical control machine tool

Published on 2017-11-11

Current, breed of numerical control machine tool is already basic and all ready, norms is various, already had 400 according to not complete count many breed norms. Can undertake classified according to a variety of principles. But Baconian rise, common is the following face 4 kinds of methods will classify. 1, classify by craft utility (1) machine tool of ordinary numerical control. This kind of machine tool and sort of traditional general purpose machine tool are same, the car that has numeric

The classification of parameter of numerical control machine tool

Published on 2017-10-31

No matter be the CNC system of which kinds of model,have many parameter, little criterion hundreds of, get on 1000 more, look dazzling. Through careful research, baconian the general character with rise to have again particular but character, offer its to classify means to consult in order to do now. 1, by the expression of parameter the form differentiates, the parameter of numerical control machine tool can be divided it is 3 kinds. (1) condition parameter Condition parameter is in showing 8 b

The structure of numerical control machine tool asks

Published on 2017-10-31

Machine tool noumenon is the main body part of numerical control machine tool. Come from all sorts of motion at numerical control device and behavioral statement, must come true by changeover of machine tool noumenon solid, accurate mechanical movement and movement, ability realizes the function of numerical control machine tool, make sure the function of numerical control machine tool asks. The machine tool noumenon of numerical control machine tool comprises by following and departmental cent:

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