Market of accessory of our country machine tool trades prosperous

Published on 2018-03-27

The sort of machine tool accessory has a lot of, include flexible organ type shield (leather tiger) , shield of slideway of armor plate stainless steel, telescopic guide screw shield, coil shade shield, defend skirt shade, dustproof bend towline of cloth, steeliness, project iron of mat of portable lamp of aluminous towline of plastic towline, steel, machine tool, machine tool, JR, .

In addition still oil pump of head of bearing, chuck, accurate mechanical translation, acetabulum, flat-nose pliers, lamina is waited a moment.

Industry of machine tool tool by metallic cutting machine tool, metallic figuration machine tool, cast cutting tool of machine tool of mechanical, carpentry, quantity, abrasive to grind, 8 small industries comprise electric equipment of machine tool accessory, machine tool, it is the fundamental equipment industry that for national economy each domain provides machine tools, it is modernization of national defence war industry those who be badly in need of is strategical industry, it is a country the important sign of integrated competition actual strength. Numerical control machine tool belongs to high end to make equipment, it is a country breed and development is strategical the main field of burgeoning industry. Advanced machine tool is made is a when high-end equipment makes main component, because visit course of study can end from which,obtain allowance to undertake consider and be developinged thereby with local government. Machine tool of sale high end also can be benefited from inside custom duty policy, increase the sale of native land product thereby.