Be equal in output of water of technology of high end of accessory of Chinese machine tool tastes lack

Published on 2018-03-27

Do not master core technology, machine tool of high-grade numerical control uses the numerical control system of the entrance and functional part. Restricted lead plane badly to make technical progress. And, use the functional component of the entrance and numerical control system in great quantities, the space that leader plant depreciates is very little, so, although the product structure of domestic machine tool and amount rose but profit was not carried, this is a very main reason. Accordingly, raise functional component research and development ability and production level, accelerate process of functional component industrialization to already became the issue that current and urgent need tries to take seriously and be solved, the Chongzhongzhi that also is industry industry structural adjustment is heavy.
Current, the analyst inside course of study thinks. Development of whole of industry of machine tool tool is swift and violent, the demand of machine tool accessory fast add, space of home market development is larger. Especially in last few years, country the rapid development of auto industry, promoting the growth of machine tool industry and demand of machine tool accessory. Current, product of level of technology of high end of machine tool accessory lacks the country, basically count an import, cheap product basically produces a business by home in occupational. But in last few years, as Taiwan area product a large number of swarming into, intermediate competition of market of product of accessory of numerical control machine tool grows in intensity.

Be compared with phase of plant of machine tool leader and character, measure of industry of accessories of domestic machine tool is at present more, besides one local and state-owned company, dimensions of most business presence is lesser problem. The respect such as performance of the equipment precision that produces a business, equipment is put in the difference of certain level. Current, industry of machine tool accessory puts the country in main problem to new product invests development strength sale of insufficient, product joins the level remains to rise further, company producer still needs to strengthen to product quality awareness, increase what carry product policy to on any account to adjust etc.

Technical progress is very rapid also. But do not return with ratio of photograph of foreign person of the same trade very big. Main reason has: The political environment that is industrial development and past is concerned, development of dimensions of company of production of component of our country machine tool is rapid in recent years. Level of past state support is insufficient, and the thought of industry too eager to be successful that one sees only the immediate advantage is serious, cause heavy lead plane, small part. 2 it is scientific research investment little, foundation is feeble.

Domain of a few crucial parts, for example. A few enterprises also can be done, but the functional part that makes high accuracy with general accuracy machine tool, these products also can be used in a few high-grade numerical control above the machine tool, but the stability of precision and hold to a gender to be no good, plus the problem of raw material and craft level problem. Family abroad’s advanced component can be not changed with 3 years, and domestic component perhaps can be used to a year to have to change this partly only also is to cause market of homebred function component to have the reason with low rate.

All sorts of policy also the development that huge is urging company of machine tool fittings, financial crisis produced very far-reaching effect to industry of our country machine tool. Encourage often seek progress in the crisis, because get the influence of economic crisis, market of machine tool fittings is overall and atrophic, the requirement of the user more strict, plus abroad the competitive pressure of enterprise of each big machine tool, make home faced very big risk about business market. Think inside course of study, want to finish future of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool 3 years to promote program goal, namely home market of homebred machine tool is had rate raise 70% above, among them numerical control machine tool is had rate raise 40% above, need the form a complete set that raises machine tool of homebred numerical control is led, this is the biggest bottleneck that restricts development of machine tool lead plane.

Home market of homebred machine tool is had rate raise 70% above, wu Bailin emphasizes saying. Numerical control machine tool is had rate raise 40% above, this target is very arduous. Crucial part, fittings is deciding the development of lead plane, closed development of key component, fittings to go up only level, of crucial function component deserve to lead the machine tool of large numerical control that raised ability to form a batch to have stronger competition ability in the world to create a company oneself, ability weighs the country to go up is production powerful nation, just still make big country at present.